As noted previously, starting from July 1st, a major cleanup operation is going to be carried out on the Toaru wiki:

Operation Interim

Taking place over the remaining period before Railgun T resumes, and prompted by historic and recent detrimental edits, comments and misdemeanors, Operation Interim will involve cleaning of various articles across the wiki, in an attempt to mitigate certain problems in multiple areas across the wiki. It won't be possible to completely neutralize these problems in the given time frame, however it is hoped that the operation will act as a stopgap measure to help the overall overhaul project (with hundreds of plans and operations running in parallel) get back on course.

During the period in which this operation will be taking place, some articles and features will be locked, in order to prevent cleaning efforts from being disrupted or derailed. The affected articles and sections will be marked using designated overhaul template tags. Due to time constraints, high workloads and other circumstances, although some of these locks may be planned and noted some time in advance, some may be carried out without notice. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Edit (23/07/2020): Owing to circumstances over July, at present and in the near-future, the duration of Operation Interim is being extended past the re-start date for Railgun T on July 24th.

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