Follow-on from November 28th log. Recorded most of the updates made by active contributors within past week.

Recent Actions:

Planned Tasks, General:

  • For novels, prioritize completion of NT21 addition tasks (at least to minimum temporary placeholder level).
  • For anime, prioritize completion of Part 1 STOP tasks (OT14-16) and prepare to initiate Part 2 (OT17-19).
  • Addition of images with poor names to the 'Images requiring renaming' category.
  • Episode 10 general update.
  • Suggestions for new Featured Article. (Edit: Anglican-Russian Prewar Conference in place for the time being, think of candidates for the future)
  • One country draft in progress.
  • Verify Misaka 16770‎‎ via raw text.
  • Verify Russian text additions. (Edit: Kremlin Report done by Ollerus, others still to be checked)
  • Check about Kochab.
  • Find out what is causing the 'True Gremlin' navbox to incorporate content below it into the box.

Planned Tasks, Personal:

  • Update the three tasklists for the Series Three Overhaul Project; general, primary and secondary (latter not priority - less likely to be covered).
  • Check Uploading Guide for missing parts and finish off for now.
  • Update personal sandboxes. Remove redundant sections.
  • Check Special:UnusedImages and Special:UncategorizedImages
    • Add images to be processed/renamed to sandbox in order to temporarily remove from unused images list.
    • Rename some of the I3 images.
  • Delink redlinks for several purged items to remove them from Special:WantedPages

Images to find:

Other Notes:

  • Many prominent/experienced users still occupied with RL problems at the moment.
  • Need to make up for delays and get on with STOP/NT21 work.
  • Progress notes to be recorded daily in sandbox prior to regular log.
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