Follow-on from January 2nd log. Recorded most of the updates made by active contributors within past week.

Recent Actions: To be compiled

  • Episode 13 general update
    • Ascalon‎ (anime glow note)
    • Mokkerkalfe‎‎ (Updating references, transferring part of opening to Etymology, minor tweak to opening)
    • London Underground‎‎ (V18 hidden note, Victoria line added to Locations)
    • Hrunting‎‎ (moving/adding references, hidden notes - fragments/ch7)
  • Index III V17/18-related:
    • Carissa: Grammar correction to caption
    • Oriana Thomson‎/Robin Hood (Image name corrected)
    • Lancis‎ (‎British Royal Family Arc: Added image of using case)
    • File:Toaru Majutsu no Index III E11 20m 25s.png‎‎ (considered deletion due to 26s superseding - change of plans)
    • Skíðblaðnir‎‎ (Top gallery images shifted to gallery in ‎Principles, Chronology added)
    • Lessar‎‎ (voice tweak/revert)
  • Index III (Non-V17/18)-related:
  • End-of-month Manga Update:
    • R-110 (Spaces added, Removal of empty section headings)(Synopsis added)
  • Other: To be compiled
  • Destubbing:
  • New Articles and Redirects:
  • Wiki:
  • Users:
    • Inept: Blog entry 'Exploring Bases: Swords of the British Halloween' expanded (Pattern notes, Mjolnir attributes, Curtana additions), Sandbox 9 & 11 additions/work, Sandbox 8 (Soundtrack Table Experiment), STOP PMT P2 Extract tweak, Progress Log (02/01/19) (transfer update, tweak to wanted image list)
    • Adapted From on older Railgun manga chapters discussed
    • TLR: To Do List (I3 stuff to look out for)
    • User:Jethro Harper‎ (user cleared profile - check and decide for images?)
  • Unsorted:
    • Video Games: Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)/List of Movesets‎ (Index image caption/size tweak, Tsuchimikado enhancement levels), Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)‎‎: Training Mode addition
    • Railgun Manga Chapters: R-47 (Subject links added in Synopsis, Locations added, CR/UQ removed (blank)), R-109‎‎ (links/tweaks in Synopsis, Removal of empty section headings)(Major events added), R-55 (links/tweaks in Synopsis, locations added), R-56 (links/tweaks in Synopsis, Removal of New Abilities (none), Locations added)
      • R-27 (Minor synopsis tweak), R-30 (‎Synopsis tweaks, redundant link seen), R-31 (Corrective tweaks to synopsis), R-34 (TFE - Summary tweak), R-35 (Typo correction), R-39s‎ (minor structure tweak), R-40 (Summary corrections), R-44 (Referback tweak - AD)(Character/Locations minor addition, Abilities addition), R-55 (Synopsis added), R-56 (Synopsis added)
    • Other: Misaka Mikoto‎ (Localization tweak), Temple‎ (addition to list), Kihara Gensei‎ (Profile image added to Background), Toaru Majutsu no Index (Mobile MMO)‎‎ (Switched infobox image, uploaded "File:Index MMO 3 Banner.jpg", tweaked PC release date info), Lidvia Lorenzetti‎ (Appearance, sloppy addition to Personality - need to fix later), Haruue Erii‎‎ (Spaces to infoboxes and sections, added/updated references, NT chronology addition, Main article links to template), File:NT Index v16 006-008.jpg (TL media category), Saten Residence (Naming/reference updates, image tweaks, manga Chronology update)
    • VO-11‎ (character list update)

Planned Tasks, General:

  • Verify planned NT22 release date
  • For novels, prioritize completion of NT21 addition tasks (at least to minimum temporary placeholder level).
  • For anime, prioritize completion of Part 1 STOP tasks (OT14-16) and Part 2 (OT17-19), with primary focus on the latter.
  • Addition of images with poor names to the 'Images requiring renaming' category.
  • Episode 14 general update.
  • Suggestions for new Featured Article after Anglican-Russian Prewar Conference. Add to Featured Article Candidates page?
  • Multiple country drafts in progress.
  • Check Prefaces and Afterwords for missed information.
  • Verify Misaka 16770‎‎ via raw text.
  • Charlemagne Legends to be mentioned or linked during edits to Knight Leader, Hrunting, Knights of Orleans, France and others.
  • Assemble British ship names on UK page after slight restructure.
  • Note: When switching novel to anime images on page, add a hidden note with the original image and settings for certain future work. Several captions and bits still need tweaking.

Planned Tasks, Personal:

  • Update the three tasklists for the Series Three Overhaul Project; general, primary and secondary (latter not priority - less likely to be covered).
  • Check Uploading Guide for missing parts and finish off for now.
  • Complete Layout Guide.
  • Update personal sandboxes. Remove redundant sections and organize the new pages.
  • Check Special:UnusedImages and Special:UncategorizedImages. Proceed with image cleanup.
    • Add images to be processed/renamed to sandbox in order to temporarily remove from unused images list.
    • Rename some of the I3 images.
  • Delink redlinks for several purged items to remove them from Special:WantedPages
  • Verify Railgun Chapter jpg/png situation prior to cleanup
  • Review recent image additions and check captions
  • Plan restructure for several articles (e.g. Magic)
  • Complete Exploring Bases - Swords of the British Halloween. Do 'Exploring Bases - Tools and Techniques of the British Halloween' next.
  • Consider Soundtrack table template/addition to Trivia sections on Episode articles

Other Notes: To be compiled

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