Follow-on from April 4th log (still incomplete at time of writing). Recorded updates made by active contributors within the past week or so.

Recent Actions: To be compiled and sorted

  • Episode 26 general update
    • Anime Countdown & Franchise Overview updated


  • Episode 26 general update
    • Articles
      • Toaru Majutsu no Index III Episode 26‎‎ (I: Tense shift, lit. added to Nihongo, New Characters/Abilities, Soundtrack tracks/scenes added (unverified), K: Image added, O: Characters/Staff added, removed OP/ED from infobox, A175: Added title/time for track 7)
      • Fiamma of the Right‎‎ (I, RF: V22 image logged and switched for E26 image)
      • Ollerus‎‎ (I, O: Anime image/debut/CV added, V22 image logged and switched for E26 image)
        • File:Ollerus (Index III Anime Design).png‎‎ (O: Uploaded/categorized. No description/licensing.)
      • Silvia (I, O: Anime image/debut/CV added, V22 image logged and switched for E26 image)
      • ITEM Liaison (I, O: Anime image/Index III CV added)
      • Mark Space (O: Anime image/debut added to infobox)
    • E26 Images
      • User blog:Inept Wiki User/Series Three Overhaul Project - Temporary Image Log (E18-E26)/Index III - Plans and Progress
      • File:Toaru Majutsu no Index III E26 00m 07s.png, 00m 56s.png, 01m 31s.png, 01m 40s.png, 02m 24s.png, 02m 30s.png, 02m 34s.png, 02m 43s.png, 03m 04s.png, 03m 10s.png, 03m 14s.png, 03m 26s.png, 03m 32s.png, 03m 54s.png, 05m 55s.png, 05m 56s.png, 06m 10s.png, 06m 17s.png, 06m 42s.png, 06m 53s.png, 07m 25s.png, 07m 27s.png, 08m 08s.png, 08m 55s.png, 09m 22s.png, 09m 55s.png, 10m 00s.png, 10m 26s.png, 11m 08s.png, 11m 43s.png, 11m 55s.png, 12m 21s.png, 13m 24s.png, 13m 32s.png, 13m 43s.png, 13m 54s.png, 14m 16s.png, 14m 26s.png, 14m 30s.png, 15m 11s.png, 16m 53s.png, 17m 56s.png, 19m 11s.png, 19m 16s.png, 20m 48s.png, 22m 02s.png, 22m 28s.png, 22m 47s.png, 23m 07s.png, 23m 27s.png (K: Upload, I: Auto-cat)
      • File:Aleister Crowley(Anime).png, File:Blasting Rod(Anime).png, File:ITEM Liaison (Anime).png (I: Auto-cat), File:White Wings (Anime).png (K: Upload, I: Auto-cat)
      • File:Mark Space (Anime).PNG, File:Ollerus (Anime).png, File:Silvia (Anime).PNG (O: Uploaded/categorized)
    • E26 Poll/Front Page Template Tweaks:
      • Template:Blogs‎‎ (temporary sticky tweak)
        • User blog:Inept Wiki User/Exploring Bases: Swords of the British Halloween (edit for sticky)
        • User blog:Inept Wiki User/Voices for Index III‎‎ (E18-26 edit)
      • News Archives‎‎ (Added Index III's conclusion)
        • News Archives/2019
      • Template:Polls and Results‎‎ (transferred mid-WW3 Arc poll, created E26 polls - WW3/Index III)
        • Poll Archives‎‎ (Mid-WW3 Arc poll archived)
      • Template:Franchise Overview‎‎ (E26 update)
  • Other
    • Sogiita Gunha (EO: Added NT10 Quote)
    • Grimoire (O: Added Cultes des Goules, added various Nihongo)
    • Index Librorum Prohibitorum‎ (O: Numbers to bullet points (John's Pen Mode spells))
    • Cultes des Goules‎‎ (O: Redirected to List of Grimoires)
    • Baopuzi‎ (O: Rearranged categories)
    • Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete/Toaru Majutsu no Index Indices and Glossary‎‎ (O: Gnosticism dedirected)
    • Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On Manga Chapter 014‎ (O: Characters/Locations added)
    • Little Venice (O: Destub, Nihongo added)
    • Coral Street Shopping Mall shooting (RF: Typo, space removals)
    • Enoch (I: Hidden note regarding Mathers)
    • Aleister Crowley (General Superintendent to Board Chairman, Quotes sub-page link)
    • Index III E24 Images (Index - Weapons)
      • "File:Toaru Majutsu no Index III E24 10m 28s.png" (O: Uploaded/categorized)
      • "File:Toaru Majutsu no Index III E24 10m 19s.png" (O: Uploaded/categorized)
  • Magic God (I: Move from Majin/tweaks - God of Magic noted, Failed Majin header to Imperfect)
    • Link Shifts: Template:Magic, News Archives/2015 (needs tweak), Index Librorum Prohibitorum‎, Sogiita Gunha, Grimoire, Fiamma of the Right, Ollerus, Silvia, Odense, Buddhism, Phase (needs tweak), Fairy, Mokkerkalfe, Holism, Einherjar, Sigyn, Aleister's Plan, Imagine Breaker, La Persona Superiore a Dio, SYSTEM, Shokuhou Misaki, Agnese Sanctis, Mugino Shizuri, Aleister Crowley/Chronology (Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index), Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 08 (needs tweak), Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete/Toaru Majutsu no Index Indices and Glossary‎‎, Template:Aleister Crowley (I: Caption tweak, Level tweak (removal)), God‎‎ (link/normal shifts, Nihongo added), Magician‎‎ (minor tweak to term mention), St. Germain‎‎ (shift and tweak (X

Planned Tasks, General: To be compiled

  • NT22 general updates
  • Continue with STOP tasks following anime's conclusion. General preparations for Accelerator anime to occur in due course.
  • Expand World War III Arc and World War III following respective article focuses.
  • Log 'Differences in Adaptation' for Index III episodes.
  • Verify tracks for the Index III episodes' soundtracks.
  • Continue discussing Index III & Toaru Project plans via the discussion thread.
  • Note: When switching novel to anime images on page, add a hidden note with the original image and settings for certain future work. Several captions and bits still need tweaking.

Planned Tasks, Personal: To be compiled

  • Finish Curtana overhaul
  • Finish preparing Star of Bethlehem for Featured Article status.
  • Get the previous tasklists and progress logs in order.
  • Complete Queen Britannia, Ceremony of Mo Athair and Attack on the Queen Britannia up to TSP level.
  • Prepare sub-projects STOP-A (Accelerator) and STOP-R (Railgun).
  • Reestablish communications with collaborators. Check/call for volunteers for STOP-A/R tasks.

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