Follow-on from December 12th log. Recorded most of the updates made by active contributors within past week.

Recent Actions: (needs a bit more sorting)

  • Episode 11 general update
    • Main E11 article updated (Meeting royal family as infobox image)
    • Overview/Countdown updated
    • Updates to E11 subject articles (Text/Images, minor restructures)
    • Elizard, Rimea, Carissa, Villian: Infoboxes E11 debut/appears in tweaks, Images added to infobox, Images added to Chronology (Carissa/Villian)
    • London: Bar added to locations, Images (Lancis view, cropped afar, former added to article)
    • Episode 12 creation
    • E10-12 added to Episode List, Story Arcs Episode list tweaks
    • British Royal Family Arc: Anime images added and tweaked, episode list tweaked
    • E11 images added: Elizard (Profile/Curtana Second), Bayloupe (Anime Profile - lighter), Rimea/Carissa/Villian (Anime Profiles/Design/Carriage), Edinburgh Airport, Travelling Fortress, St. Peter's Square, Meeting Royal Family, Buckingham Palace interior, Others
    • Buckingham Palace: Several interior images added, exterior image updated
    • Traveling Fortress: Images added
    • Curtana: Temporary placed Curtana Second anime image
  • Creations:
  • Minor tweaks: Railgun Ch6/7/8/10, Carissa, Egyptian Mythology, Lady of the Masquerade Ball (Kochab delinked), Robin Hood, Skíðblaðnir‎, Edinburgh, Itsuwa, Awakening, Piccadilly Circus, GREMLIN (Infobox image caption), Caterina (Infobox spaces, Chronology heading, other), Hinduism (Shakti), Shakti, Coronzon, Magician-Esper Hybrid (further attention needed at some note), Buckingham Palace (Chronology tense tweak, minor grammatical correction), Railgun OVA (Citation added for manga reference), Episode 14, Toaru Archives + Songs (Destub, Geneon link, Track lyrics/lengths added), Spiritual Tripping (Trivia note), Attempted assassination of Oyafune Monaka/Oyafune Monaka (Image addition/tweak), Yumiya Rakko (anime debut/note, &nbsp removal), Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volumes 15/16‎ (Change page numbers, add synopsis (16)), Gangan Comics‎ (History note, Index-san conclusion date), Uiharu Kazari‎ (Infobox spaces, Document of Constantine Arc), Knight Leader ('Appears In' tweak), Matthai Reese‎‎ (V14-16 images added), Evacuation of Academy City (Background images), St. Peter's Basilica‎‎ (Image Switched (Holy Right to St. Peter's Square) - add back?), System Scan (Zener image added, result card image repositioned), Academy City (minor correction), Magical life forms (categorization/destub)
  • Summary additions: R-Ch44 (minor restructure/additions), 45, 46, 47 (rewrite/minor restructure), 88
  • Images added (non-E11):
    • Railgun PSP character images added (2 event images for Miyoshi Yoshiko)
    • ACMHS logo added to article
    • Judgment 177 Branch Office plate image added to article
    • Pope and Acqua images added to Matthai Reese
    • Battle Royale Dark Side groups: Group images added to infoboxes, captions added
    • Idol V4 Cover, Matthai Reese (Symbol, Binding Fiamma, Wounded), Oyafune (On stage, pre-assassination attempt)
  • Redirects:
    • Anieze‎ redirects marked for deletion
    • Toaru Anbu no Conference/Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare: Redirects (EN to JP)
    • Redirects for abilities of three girls from Railgun Archives III
    • Redirects to other redirects (some the result of the main page being moved) corrected or redirected to primary source (check other links to redirects)
    • Science category added to Ion Trade redirect
    • Ensemble/Index-san English title redirects
  • Capitalization:
    • Capitalization of Articles (20) with lower case subsequent words (Note: Verify and amend Auribus oculi fideliores sunt‎‎). Several links amended (TopNav Magic/Science). Instances in articles capitalized (auto?)(check and amend some of them).
    • Capitalized Bell Magic, Ultrasonic Weapon and Mass Driver
  • Destubbing:
    • Destubbing articles (Seven Deadly Sins, Krans, Index-san Ch 1 & 2, Ensemble)
    • John's Pen Remote Control‎ destubbed
    • Destubbing: Soul, Railgun Chapters 44, 45, 84, 88,
    • Multiple articles destubbed
    • Destubbing: Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare‎, Micro Cosmos, Horokawa
  • Images (Other):
    • Index-tan Endymion categories added (OAD/Rename)
    • Categorizing images for renaming and site images
    • Minor image renaming and categorizing
  • Silvercross Alpha: Powered Suit redirects to character article, destub, Enemy Blaster link, Emergency nihongo
  • Micro Cosmos: Restructure/tweaks, NT21 Chronology added, Telomerase enzyme injection hidden note
  • Tweaked Churches and Cathedral and School Districts categories
  • Layout Guide created and linked, still requires expansion
  • London: Locations moved to collapsible tables, expanded BRF Arc chronology
  • Golden Dawn: Secret Chiefs nihongo, Temples expansion
  • Restructure:
  • Zener Cards, Blindfold Poker, Columbus' Egg: Nihongo, See also, Category:Experiments and Projects
  • Overloading of the Curtana Original: Tweaks/minor restructure
  • A Certain Church: Added Appearances and Principles, Tweak and expand Background and Chronology, Trivia Wikipedia links
  • External References: Himote House reference addition
  • NT21 Plans: Tasklist updated
  • Users:
    • Inept: Tweaked preferences and updated js for extra tools
    • All fictions: Changed name to The Lord Reader, reorganized user page/tasklist/sandboxes

Planned Tasks, General:

  • For novels, prioritize completion of NT21 addition tasks (at least to minimum temporary placeholder level).
  • For anime, prioritize completion of Part 1 STOP tasks (OT14-16) and continue Part 2 (OT17-19).
  • Addition of images with poor names to the 'Images requiring renaming' category.
  • Episode 12 general update.
  • Suggestions for new Featured Article after Anglican-Russian Prewar Conference. Implement Featured Article Candidates page?
  • One country draft in progress.
  • Verify Misaka 16770‎‎ via raw text.
  • Find out what is causing the 'True Gremlin' navbox to incorporate content below it into the box.

Planned Tasks, Personal:

  • Update the three tasklists for the Series Three Overhaul Project; general, primary and secondary (latter not priority - less likely to be covered).
  • Check Uploading Guide for missing parts and finish off for now.
  • Finish Layout Guide.
  • Update personal sandboxes. Remove redundant sections.
  • Check Special:UnusedImages and Special:UncategorizedImages
    • Add images to be processed/renamed to sandbox in order to temporarily remove from unused images list.
    • Rename some of the I3 images.
  • Delink redlinks for several purged items to remove them from Special:WantedPages
  • Verify Railgun Chapter jpg/png situation prior to cleanup
  • Plan restructure for several articles (e.g. Magic)
  • Tweaked MediaWiki:Community-corner‎‎.
    • Consider announcement prior to image cleanup (i.e. last chance to save)
  • Verify remaining questions concerning extra tools
  • Review recent image additions and check captions

Images to find:

Other Notes:

  • Many prominent/experienced users still occupied with RL problems at the moment.
  • Need to make up for delays and get on with STOP/NT21 work.
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