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  • Pre-8.30
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Cold Game (I: Linked Cold Sleep Murder Case)
    • Cold Sleep‎‎ (I→‎Cold Sleep Murder Case: Expanded/tweaked (Adding paragraph regarding the solution which was used. Might need to refine this further), opening tweak (legal situation))
      • Template:Shared Draft 38 (I→‎Cold Sleep: Draft work)
    • Cold Sleep Murder Case‎‎ (I: Redirected to Cold Sleep then back to Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Cold Game (Slightly uncertain.))
  • Template:Shared Draft 46 (O: Updated Cite list (last updated 13/04/2020))
  • Dengeki Bunko Magazine‎‎ (O: Noted discontinuation, header tweak, added hidden notes regarding volumes containing releases)
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Chapter 148 (O: Tweaked title Nihongo)
  • List of Light Novels and Other Literary Works (O→‎Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Added Agnese SS cover image)
  • Shirai Kuroko‎‎ (‎ (2×)→‎Chronology: Added episode references for Index Arc)
  • "File:Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Chapter 148.png" (K: Uploaded)
  • Keitz Nokleben‎‎ (K‎: Added Railgun T images,‎ (2×): Added Dream Ranker Arc header/main link with Expand, added spaces)
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode 11 (→‎Preview: Expand added with notes)
  • 8.30-16.32 (JUMP)
  • Unsorted Subjects
  • Overhaul-related
    • Template:Overhaul‎‎ (I: Image switch and text tweaks, protected)
    • Template:Overhaul 2 (I: Template creation, protected, image switch tweak)
      • Tokiwadai Middle School (I: Added tag)
      • Shokuhou Misaki's Clique (I: Added tag)
      • Hokaze Junko (I: Added tag)
      • Yuuri Senya (I: Added tag)
      • Shirakinu Honoka (I: Added tag)
      • Aohoshi Suzuran (I: Added tag)
      • Tsurigane Saryou (I: Added tag)
      • Wanigawa Raifu (I: Added tag)
      • Yumiya Iruka (I: Added tag)
      • Jailbreaker Arc (I: Added tag)
      • Shundan Kimi (I: Added tag)
      • Imagine Breaker (-30)‎ Inept
      • Shokuhou Misaki (I: Added tag)
      • Kakine Teitoku (I: Added tag)
      • Houjou Arei (I: Added tag)
      • Scarred Doctor (I: Added tag)
      • Yuzuriha Ringo (I: Added tag)
      • Dark May Project (+14)‎ Inept
      • Kihara Souji (I: Added tag)
      • Accelerator/Abilities (I: Added tag)
      • Misaka Mikoto/Personality and Relationships‎‎ (I: Added tag)
      • Misaka Mikoto/Abilities (I: Added tag)
      • Indian Poker (I: Added tag)
      • Awakening (I: Added tag, temporary lock (expires expires 09:54, April 20, 2020)‎(Temporary lock during current large-scale operation))
      • Sogiita Gunha (I: Added tag, temporary lock (expires 09:56, April 20, 2020))
      • GREMLIN (I: Added tag)
      • Magic God (I: Added tag)
      • Level 6 Shift Project (I: Added tag)
      • Clone Dolly (I: Added tag)
      • Exterior (I: Added tag)
      • Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto‎‎ (I: Added tag, Firekong1: Caption typo correction)
  • TrackTags (I: Protected all TrackTags (1-10) indefinitely)
  • Mobile Front Page (I: Updated Latest Episode to R-T Ep11, further tweaks will be required))
  • MediaWiki:Community-corner‎‎ (I: Removed reminders (NT22R/GT1 reminders removed. Will use reminder again when GT2 comes.), added reminder (Reminder to include references.), added OST note to Needs Help)
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki:News Archives (I→‎Hot News: Removed oldest item)
  • Images
    • File:Frankfurt, Germany Railgun chp 122.5.png ‎(K: Uploaded, categorized, added Summary/Licensing TSP)
    • File:Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Chapter 148.png (I: Added Summary TSP, categorized)
  • Shared Drafts
  • 16.35-23.20 (JUMP)
  • Shared Drafts
  • Unsorted Articles
  • 23.20-


  • Pre-12.00
  • Rainbow spectrum:notes‎‎ (O: Added 'Haimura Kiyotaka Artbook 2. to front of name (infobox/Nihongo), added Kanji to Nihongo, added CROSS link)
  • CROSS (O: Article creation)
  • Rainbow spectrum:colors (O: Added 'Haimura Kiyotaka Artbook 2' to front of name (infobox/Nihongo), added Kanji to Nihongo)
  • Haimura Kiyotaka (O: Tweaked artbook (2 & 3) names/links/kanji (Artbook title confirmed in DBM vol.71))
  • Oyafune Monaka (VanillaTwilight4→‎Document of Constantine Arc: Revision/trimming regarding shooting (needs slight tweak - note punishment))
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode 11 (K→‎Abilities: Added Levels beside IB and Exterior Mental Out (incorrect/reverted))
  • 12.00-15.00
  • Angel (IB: Overhaul 2 tag)
  • Dolly‎ (K→‎Gallery: Added anime design images with basic caption, removed captionalign)
    • "File:DollyTFace.png" (K: Uploaded/categorized, Summary/Licensing TSPs, I: Minor tweaks/source link)‎
    • "File:DollyTBody.png" (K: Uploaded/categorized, Summary/Licensing TSPs, I: Minor tweaks/source link)‎
    • Template:Shared Draft 22‎ (K→‎Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T: Added images)
  • Sakibasu Yuri‎ (TLR→‎Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS3: Space tweak, Air on G String W-link)
  • Kanzaki Kaori‎ (TLR→‎Sword and Wires Techniques: Added YP term for Boundary of Forbidden Wires (Prohibition Barrier))
  • 15.00-21.30
  • MediaWiki:Community-corner‎ (I: Minor reordering/hidden note)
  • Template:Shared Draft 91‎‎ (I: Assigned to gathering info on Angels, added Unsorted Notes/Images)
  • Misaka Mikoto/Personality and Relationships‎‎ (Kuroko102153‎ (2×):)
  • Angel‎‎ (TLR: Updated references, revised/expanded Espers)
  • Kamijou Faction‎ (Xsa6: Space tweak, added 1 to number of Index's grimoires)
  • 21.45-




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