It's been seven weeks since Index III began. Due to a combination of unfortunate circumstances, including external problems (resulting in absences), high workload, the fact the anime is rushing through the novels, the close proximity of NT21's release to the start of the anime, and various other stuff, we've fallen behind schedule and things have become a little messy. This is a log of certain recent actions on the wiki by contributors and planned tasks for the coming week, as part of an experiment to try and help get things back on track.

Recent Actions:

  • Moved the tabs and infoboxes for the split character pages into single templates shared between the character's pages. Fiamma's kept as-is for time being.
  • Creation of 'Template:Expand' template (and relevant category).
  • Removal of 'stub' template from arguably non-stub articles.
  • Creation of 'Images requiring renaming' category for backlog of poorly named images prior to renaming.
  • Addition of anime images (quite a few require renaming, certain uploaders not including categories or descriptive information). A few minor instances of inappropriate replacement.
  • Updated Uploading Guide.
  • Creation of two new NT20-21 event articles.
  • Misaka 18770‎‎ shifted to Misaka 16770‎‎ (based on atwiki/YP, suspected BT typo).

Planned Tasks, General:

  • For novels, prioritize completion of NT21 addition tasks (at least to minimum temporary placeholder level).
  • For anime, prioritize completion of Part 1 STOP tasks (OT14-16).
  • Addition of images with poor names to the 'Images requiring renaming' category.
  • Episode 8 general update.
  • End-of-month manga release general update.
  • Verify Kanji for NT21 Chapter 2.
  • Suggestions for new Featured Article.
  • Two country drafts in progress.
  • Verify Misaka 16770‎‎ via raw text.

Planned Tasks, Personal:

  • Update the three tasklists for the Series Three Overhaul Project; general, primary and secondary (latter not priority - less likely to be covered).
  • Check Uploading Guide for missing parts and finish off for now.
  • Update personal sandboxes. Remove redundant sections.
  • Verify and proceed with recent arc naming/article.
  • Check Special:UnusedImages and Special:UncategorizedImages

Images to find:

Other Notes:

  • Exploring Bases to backburner.
  • Many prominent/experienced users bogged down with RL problems at the moment, two returning after absence. Several newcomers of note.
  • Need to make up for delays and get on with STOP/NT21 work.
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