Follow-on from January 9th log. Recorded updates made by active contributors within the past two weeks.

Recent Actions: To be compiled

  • Episode 14 general update
  • Episode 15 general update
  • Soundtrack section and table added to Trivia sections on Index III episodes, tracks to be added once verified
  • British Royal Family Arc end-poll added to front page
  • NT22 news added to News section on front page
  • Anime Countdown updated
  • Reference sections added to Railgun manga chapters without them
  • Sogiita Gunha locked due to back-and-forth edits.

Planned Tasks, General: To be compiled

Planned Tasks, Personal: To be compiled

  • Update the three tasklists for the Series Three Overhaul Project; general, primary and secondary (latter not priority - less likely to be covered).
  • Check Uploading Guide for missing parts and finish off for now.
  • Complete Layout Guide.
  • Update personal sandboxes. Remove redundant sections and organize the new pages.
  • Check Special:UnusedImages and Special:UncategorizedImages. Proceed with image cleanup.
    • Add images to be processed/renamed to sandbox in order to temporarily remove from unused images list.
    • Rename some of the I3 images.
  • Delink redlinks for several purged items to remove them from Special:WantedPages
  • Review recent image additions and check captions
  • Plan restructure for several articles (e.g. Magic)
  • Complete Exploring Bases - Swords of the British Halloween. Do 'Exploring Bases - Tools and Techniques of the British Halloween' next.
  • Do TSPs for DRAGON Arc and World War III Arc
  • Complete overhaul for Curtana
  • Get the 'Index III - Plans and Progress' alert thread going properly

Other Notes: To be compiled

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