Follow-on from December 19th log. Recorded most of the updates made by active contributors within past week.

Recent Actions: (needs a bit more sorting/cleaning)

  • Episode 12 general update
    • Main E12 article updated (Acqua and Villian as infobox image)
      • Adapted From/Major Events (partial)
      • Characters, Abilities (tweaks), Locations (tweaks)
      • Trivia (CVs, Referbacks, Cultural References (Eurostar, City of London view, Palace of Westminster, Canterbury Cathedral, Slideshow), Animation Trivia (Ascalon glow), Unanswered Question)
    • Episode 13 creation (Opening/Synopsis/Adapted From, basic frame)
    • Franchise Overview and Anime Countdown updates
    • Subjects:
      • Arcs: Story Arcs (E12/13 positioned), BRF Arc (E13 added to list, Chronology restructure, several images added)
      • Characters: Smartvery (Images (Infobox/Chronology), Debut, CV added, Appearance, References updated), Sherry Cromwell‎ (Ellis VS Knights image added), Kanzaki Kaori‎‎ (Chronology image switched and added), Knight Leader (several Chronology images added, Hrunting images added (slideshow))
      • Unsorted: Coven Compass (Above/Battle images added, Cite for Appearance, Etymology added), Hrunting (Main/Pattern/Clash images added, Etymology tweaked/linked, Chronology TSP and anime references, Folkestone and Battle of Folkestone links), Ascalon‎ (Folkestone and Battle of Folkestone links, Chronology anime reference, clash image not added yet (size)), Canterbury Cathedral‎ (Image added), London‎ (Landseer's Lions switched for coup skyline), Windsor Castle (Chronology and images added), Eurotunnel bombing‎ (Images added/switched, caption added), Bayard (Image slideshow added, w-link tweak), Battle of Islay‎‎ (Image added (infobox/slideshow), Chronology restructure, links), British Halloween‎ (several images added)
      • Knights of England (Infobox image switched - E11 sword cross, V7 image transferred to Chronology, Chronology restructuring additions, Expand template added with notes, E12 images added in temporary slideshow)(Chronology anime references, shifted Expand template, tweak Background's Expand template. Background (V6/V2), Chronology TSPs and temporary slideshow)
    • Images: To be compiled
  • E11-E12 images added to: Lancis, Bayloupe, Acqua of the Back‎, Villian, Floris‎‎ (profile image order shift), Lessar.
  • Reference updates: Bayloupe, Lancis, Bayloupe, Floris
  • Index III V17/18-related:
    • Edits:
      • Volumes & Chapters: V18 English cover added, V17Ch1-Ep and V18Ch5-Ep (Added chapter part references, Referback references for Epilogues and 18-5, Locations partially processed (17-3/4/Ep, 18-5/6), Referenced Trivia (17-3), Unanswered Questions referenced (18-6), Characters error corrected (18-7)
      • Episodes: Episode 11 (minor Animation Trivia links, Trafalgar Square location link added, maid referback, Images: Landseer's Lions, Buckingham Palace, Trivia: Norse, Robin Hood added, Curtana/Michael repositioned)
      • Subjects:
    • Images: To be compiled
      • E11 Images: Skíðblaðnir (x5), Buckingham Palace, Landseer's Lions, Robin Hood, Knights crossing swords, London Underground, Necessarius Underground Labyrinth
      • English Index V18 cover added/categorized
      • Categorized remaining uncategorized E8/9/11 images into Anime/Index III Images
  • Index III (Non-V17/18)-related:
    • Edits:
    • Images:
      • E8/9 School District 22 images added (including Breach/No Oxygen Alert)
      • INDEXIII Anime v3.jpg (BD3 cover) added/categorized
      • Sunazara Chimitsu‎: Manga image added and categorized
      • Wind Defense‎: Manga image added and categorized
      • Categorized remaining uncategorized E8/9 images into Anime/Index III Images
  • NT21-related:
    • Major Expansion: Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers (Chronology expanded, Quotes added (trim?))
    • Minor Tweaks: William Wynn Westcott (Quotes added)
    • Images: NT21 Illustrations added (Touma and Accelerator VS Mathers, Winged Coronzon, A Certain Church - Aleister & Orsola, Aleister VS Mathers)
      • NT21 Illustrations added to Chronology subpages (Kamijou Touma, Aleister Crowley, Accelerator, Hamazura Shiage) and sections (Qliphah Puzzle 545, Coronzon, Orsola Aquinas, A Certain Church, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, Evacuation of Academy City)
  • Other:
    • Major Expansion:
      • Kabbalah: Paths sub-section and table added, details added, minor links
      • Railgun Chapters: Ch49 (Summary/Trivia added), Ch50 (Summary condensation/partial rewrite, Trivia section headers added), Ch51 (Summary added, Trivia section headers added), Ch52 (Added Synopsis and Trivia), Ch48 (Synopsis added)
    • Minor Tweaks:
      • Railgun Manga Chapter Updates: Ch11 (Tweaks - removed several spaces/lines, other minor tweak), Ch12 (Correction tweaks), Ch14 (Minor tweaks), Ch15 (Spelling/grammar corrections), Ch16‎‎ (Tweaks/corrections, restructure), Ch17 Sp1 (Tense corrections in Synopsis)
      • Other Railgun-related tweaks (MM/UK/SR etc): Agitate Halation Arc‎, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Manga Chapter 069, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Manga Chapter 065‎, List of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Episodes‎, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 12, Ore no Imouto to Railgun Collaboration Project!‎, Motto Marutto Railgun Episode 02‎, R-Chs 8-35 (not all in range)
      • Astral Buddy Manga Volume 01: Summary added, English cover added
      • Unsorted: Ecomichi Company‎‎ (Nihongo), Yamisaka Ouma‎‎ (Haimura tweak, Curse link, reference update), Academy City Mint Bureau (Minor link for Yen, reference update), Roberto Katze (Fiance to Fiancee), Harisha‎ (Curse link, infobox spaces), Enoch (Hidden background note - Coronzon origin), Spiritual Tripping (Trivia), Micro Cosmos (Tweaks), Ladylee Tangleroad (Completing incomplete sentence - needs tweaking (spec)), Phenomena Control and Reduction Reproduction Facility‎ (YP term added), Disciplinary Guides (Infobox and group image added, base location noted in infobox (SD15), Yumi and Mikoto attack images not added), Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 04 (Cultural Reference tweak (StB) - verify), Kamijou Touma/Chronology (Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index) (Updated references), AIM Jammer (SiO2), HsAFH-11‎ (Railgun image added/tweaked), Sogiita Gunha‎ (fan image in comments switched, Puzzdex card added to gallery, gallery alignment gone - tweaked afterwards (will need attention later)), Knowledge 12 (wording tweak)
    • Images:
      • Railgun Six Wings image added
      • Renamed Videogame Images category to Video Game Images category
      • English Astral V1 cover added/categorized
      • Images categorized: Tabikake (Artwork/Rename), Teshio Game (Profile/VG), Uragami down (Anime/Index II), Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel v11 cover bad quality (NT12 - Candidate for deletion), Youngest (Artwork/Rename), Yamate (Manga) (Profile/Artwork), Harumi.jpg‎ (Design/Rename), Yumiya (Profile/Artwork Fuyukawa/Rename), Sogiita Gunha11.jpg‎ (Rename - compare), A Certain Magical Index Manga v01 cover.jpg‎ (Corrected categories - Profile Pics to Cover Image/Artwork), File:Erii yukata.jpg
      • Deleted several unused images (25th), MMR2-LQ-Sub, Movie witches' former navbox images
  • Recent image additions and minor tweaks to previously edited pages (21st-22nd, pre-01:20)
  • Destubbing: Bayard, Knights of England, R-Ch48/49/51/52
  • New Articles and Redirects:
  • Wiki:
    • Site Images categorized: Overview Crops, Wikia Visualization, Toaruskin (Winter), Sliders
    • Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki:Layout Guide: LN/M chapter basic structure listed
    • Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki:Featured articles/Candidates (basic page created)
    • Template:Anime Overview‎ (tweak to eliminate red link)
    • Polls and Results/Poll Archives: Added half-way poll and archive link to template, archived OT16 adaptation poll
  • Users:
    • Inept:
      • 12 Days & Cracker Jokes, Exploring Bases: Swords of the British Halloween (Unfinished)
      • STOP tasklists partial update - matching current work, template tweaked for Part 3 extract
      • NT21 Plans tasklist partial updates
      • OS3: Logged recent images for further work, Toaru Project Twitter image note
      • Progress Log (Sorted, Tweaked tasks & wanted image list)
    • TLR: Images yet to be placed logged, Tabs implemented, JeruTz TL/Site Timeline/YP notes
    • EasOwned - Sogiita Gunha/L5 and other uploads (some not appropriate), incorrect gallery placements
    • Ollerus (primary tasks to secondary, I3 general update - primary, country draft)

Planned Tasks, General:

  • For novels, prioritize completion of NT21 addition tasks (at least to minimum temporary placeholder level).
  • For anime, prioritize completion of Part 1 STOP tasks (OT14-16) and Part 2 (OT17-19).
  • Addition of images with poor names to the 'Images requiring renaming' category.
  • Episode 13 general update.
  • Suggestions for new Featured Article after Anglican-Russian Prewar Conference. Add to Featured Article Candidates page?
  • Multiple country drafts in progress.
  • Verify Misaka 16770‎‎ via raw text.
  • Find out what is causing the 'True Gremlin' navbox to incorporate content below it into the box.
  • Article for Charlemagnic Legends/Mythology (Charlemagne and the Matter of France) as will be mentioned during edits to Knight Leader, Hrunting, Knights of Orleans, France and others
    • Correct Durandal, Longinus and Battle of Folkestone mentions (the spear fragment was not specifically inserted into Durandal but Joyeuse).

Planned Tasks, Personal:

  • Update the three tasklists for the Series Three Overhaul Project; general, primary and secondary (latter not priority - less likely to be covered).
  • Check Uploading Guide for missing parts and finish off for now.
  • Finish Layout Guide.
  • Update personal sandboxes. Remove redundant sections.
  • Check Special:UnusedImages and Special:UncategorizedImages
    • Add images to be processed/renamed to sandbox in order to temporarily remove from unused images list.
    • Rename some of the I3 images.
  • Delink redlinks for several purged items to remove them from Special:WantedPages
  • Verify Railgun Chapter jpg/png situation prior to cleanup
  • Plan restructure for several articles (e.g. Magic)
  • Proceed with image cleanup
  • Review recent image additions and check captions

Images to find:

Other Notes:

  • Many prominent/experienced users still occupied with RL problems at the moment.
  • Need to make up for delays and get on with STOP/NT21 work.
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