Series Three Overhaul Project - Loose Notes (01/02/2020)

These are some loose notes concerning the Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP), as of February 1st 2020.

General Updates

General updates are being carried out with the weekly episode releases for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T. At present, a large part of it is image-related work, with new images being logged on Shared Draft 50.

The updates accompanying the monthly manga chapter releases are also being carried out, however while the basic stuff is being done, much of the larger stuff has been delayed due to the other work.

Volume 1 of Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index is being released on February 7th 2020. As usual, article edits relating to story content from the volume are not permitted until the volume is fully processed. However, planning work is still being carried out with two Shared Drafts currently used to support it. A forum thread is being used for the planning work - it might be last one of that sort due to plans for the retirement of the Forums:

Image Information Survey

The Image Information Survey, which stalled after the first batch was processed in November, is going to be restarted as soon as possible. As the initial logs have ended up in a bit of a mess, I intend to make a fresh start with the second batch.

Several of the Shared Drafts are being used for related tasks:


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