Series Three Overhaul Project - Loose Notes (10/02/2020)

These are some loose notes concerning the Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP), as of February 10th 2020.

General Updates

Due to external circumstances, I am currently heavily limited in the work I can perform for and activity I can carry out on the wiki. This is quite annoying, especially given the huge amount of work currently on our plates (which I would appreciate people not adding to unnecessarily by the way), and the fact that we are in the post-release/pre-work period for Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 1 and the broadcast period for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T - a time when certain updates need to be carried out.

As per standard protocol for new light novel volumes, updates/edits concerning new volume story content are not permitted until the release is fully processed, however plans and drafts are being made before then in the forum plan thread, sandboxes or shared drafts, depending on their nature, so that things proceed more smoothly when the time comes.

With regards to Railgun T, a major task which is being worked on is an overhaul to the Daihaseisai article, which will be the next featured article once the work is finished. Ollerus and I have been working on an overhaul draft (this is another reason why I'm annoyed about my present situation and other impediments which crop up - unless they are resolved, I can't make progress and finish the work which needs to be done). Herald has been adding summaries to the episode articles following airing and Kaysuami has been providing episode images as before. There is a bit of a problem which needs following and addressing though - when the images have been added to articles, many of the captions have had a considerable number of grammatical errors.

One additional matter which OH&S has brought up is the fact that the mobile front page is in serious need of an update - OH&S intends to tackle the matter.

Image Information Survey

Although my activity has been limited over the past couple of weeks, I have been able to have my bot carry out a series of automatic sweeps in preparation for the Image Information Survey restart. These sweeps have been conducted using a more up-to-date full file list and each have taken several hours to complete, but have cleared some of the problems which would have slowed the survey when it resumes.

The first tasks was to identify all of the redirects in the list and isolate them from the rest. The second was to do the same for the videos. With these two done, there should be just images in the sweep list.

The third task was to identify irregular cases where colons have been placed in the section headers and remove them. The fourth task was to identify cases where unnecessary spaces have been left in the headers and remove them, as well as removing excess space ahead of the headers. An additional unplanned task was to identify and rectify certain deviations in terms of wording for some of the headers (e.g. License where regular ones have Licensing). With the headers standardized, fewer sweeps will be necessary to cover them in the batch stages.

The fifth and final planned task was to identify cases where the Summary sections was placed after the Licensing section, instead of Summary then Licensing - which is standard, and then reorder them - this should minimize some of the problems which came up during that initial test batch.

There were a few additional findings surrounding these activities which I should probably note. One is that there are still a number of long-format wikia links to articles on this wiki remaining ([ Subject] rather than [[Subject]]) - a full sweep to identify them might be possible. Another key one is that the tracking tags (the core content of which is an empty pair of hidden comment brackets)(used for tracking via WhatLinksHere) don't interfere with article links if they end up within them (for short links this is the case. I haven't properly tested it within full https links (internal or external) yet Edit: It works for both short/full https links).

Image Collections

Among the tasks currently assigned to the Shared Drafts are a series of image-gathering tasks. The objective of these specific tasks is not to add new images to the wiki (though connected, that is a different task) - the objective is to assemble all of the images which are already on the wiki for the specified target. That way, we have a clear picture of what we already have and this helps with planning and keeping track of things.

For these, some help is needed in finding and assembling all of the specified images on the wiki, in particular for the ones which we know for certain are incomplete. Help is also needed with a similar task for the ones which we think are complete - looking for any target images on the wiki which may have slipped through net and been missed, double-checking the collections and verifying that they are most definitely complete.

The Image Collections which need completing or verifying are as follows:

  • Recent Manga Arcs
  • Covers and Illustrations
    • SD05: Back Cover Illustrations (largely complete)(Note: Plan to add these items to the respective novel page galleries at some point once the gallery formatting problem is sorted out)
    • SD20: Light Novel Illustrations
    • SD21: Alternative Cover Images
  • Design Images
    • SD19: Rainbow Spectrum Designs
    • SD22: Anime Character Designs (definitely incomplete at time of writing)
  • SD11: Magic Circle Images

Toaru Nichijou no Index-san

One other plan I thought I should probably make a note but likely won't be able to carry out for some time involves the chapter articles for Toaru Nichijou no Index-san, due to the manga's 4Koma format. Synopsis sections usually consist of a series of moderately sized paragraphs detailing events, sometimes with some images. However, given the nature of the Nichijou chapters as a collection of titled 4Koma strips, things are going to carried out slightly differently - the Synopsis section will have a paragraph per strip (regardless of size/number of sentences, even if it is just a single sentence) and those paragraphs will begin with the title of the strip in question (with Nihongo if possible).

{{Nihongo|'''Title'''|Kana|Romaji}}: Summary paragraph.

Here's an example for a strip from the first chapter:

Imagine Breaker (イマジンブレイカー Imajin Bureikā?): With Index full and content, Touma remembers the pudding he had left in the fridge and looks for it. Index chooses this moment to confess, saying that Touma thought he'd put it in the fridge but she'd dispelled that thought with her spoon, to his annoyance.


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