Series Three Overhaul Project - Loose Notes (20/03/2020)

These are some loose notes concerning the Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP), as of March 20th 2020.

General Updates

Currently Compiling

After a two week delay, episode 8 of Railgun T will be airing today. We've made some progress during the break, though we've been impeded and there is still a fair way to go in catch-up operations. As such, we'd be quite grateful if everyone tried their best not to add to the pile.

The regular weekly anime-related updates will be resuming (provided that there are not any further delays) - Franchise Overview, Anime Countdown, episode articles, arc article, episode list, image collection, website summary collection etc. I plan to update the front page poll, given that we are nearly a third of the way through Railgun T. I'm also prioritizing the completion of the Daihaseisai overhaul so it can be featured properly. Subject article updates are gradually being carried out, though they are limited due to combined circumstances.

The all-page and all-file sweep aid lists have been updated as of mid-March. The wiki back-up file will also be updated soon. 'Known Locations' sections with collapsible tables have been added to the School District articles, with previous sections integrated into them (with the exception of School District 7 at the time of writing) - in addition to brief stuff concerning locations which have articles of their own, these will be used to contain information on locations in the districts which are not up to article level themselves.

Image-related Plans

Currently Compiling

There are several image-related plans which are currently in planning and in progress:

  • A caption review is currently underway for images from Railgun T Episodes 1 to 7. Once the preparations are completed and the target areas identified, the current captions will be acquired systemically before being reviewed and then updated. Please keep edits involving those images in articles to a minimum while this is underway.
  • As mentioned previous, one of the plans being considered is the possible placement of temporary illustration galleries in empty Synopsis sections on novel chapter articles, to hold novel illustrations temporarily until summaries are written and they can be placed properly (this has already been carried out for GT1).
  • Several large-scale sweeps have been successfully carried out to identify certain groups of files within the overall file list (thanks to OH&S's use of AWB and regex) and further sweeps are being planned as part of the Image Information Survey. With any luck, this will considerably cut down the time required to go through it all.

Tasks mentioned previously which have been completed include the addition of back cover illustrations to the Gallery sections of their respective novel articles (in a separate gallery of their own below the existing one, due to formatting issues) and the creation of a temporary holding category for images which require categorizing properly (both uncategorized and partially categorized), which is also going to be used to aid addition sweep operations as part of the Image Information Survey.



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