Series Three Overhaul Project - Loose Notes (20/04/2020)

These are some loose notes concerning the Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP), as of April 20th 2020.

General Updates

Currently Compiling

Following Episode 12 of Railgun T, it has been announced that Episode 13 has been delayed indefinitely, due to circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic. This is fairly understandable and while it is a bit unfortunate for viewers (particularly given where Episode 12 left off), it gives a bit more time as an editor to try and catch up with stuff over here, after having fallen behind.

Among the things on the go at the moment is a user questionnaire, meant to obtain accurate data regarding user inclinations, for help in planning future coordinated actions. Community messages has also been partially updated.

One of the main things I'm personally focusing on at the moment is reviewing and sorting out the many notes, logs and plans I have on the go, which have become somewhat disorganized, which will impede further progress if not dealt with properly.


Currently Compiling


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