Series Three Overhaul Project - Loose Notes (31/07/2020)

These are some loose notes concerning the Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP), as of July 31st 2020.

New Releases

In July, aside from the monthly manga releases (which saw the end of Accelerator and Astral Buddy), we saw the release of Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 2 and Chapter 3 of the Agnese SS with the third Railgun T BD release. Railgun T itself also resumed near the end of the month. This has resulted in an influx of information and tasks which are gradually being processed.


Prompted by recent detrimental edits, comments and misdemeanors, I had planned a major cleanup operation for the remaining period before Railgun T resumes, involving prominent problems in multiple areas across the wiki. During the operational time period, multiple articles and features were be locked (and more may follow). Though it was not possible to completely neutralize the problems in the time frame, it was hoped that it would act as a stopgap measure to help the overhaul project (with hundreds of plans and operations running in parallel) get back on course.

Due to external circumstances, progress was hampered and it was not possible to complete the operation's objectives before Railgun T resumed. Given the situation, I have decided to extend Operation Interim beyond its original intended time frame.

Additionally, depending on the circumstances, I might soon make a request for volunteers to assist with certain other tasks.

Repeated Reminders

I would like to repeat the reminders I've made previously, which were made in light of certain recent edits at the time, edits which have still continued since then:

  • Whether you are adding stuff into an existing section or writing new sections and paragraphs, please put thought and care into your edits. Lazy, shoddy and sloppy edits create more annoying work for others (and waste valuable time and effort), and such additions can be just as bad or even worse than no addition at all.
    • On a related note, please look over your edits to minimize grammatical errors.
  • In addition to taking care with your own grammar when editing articles, if you see apparent grammatical errors elsewhere and attempt to correct them, remember to look at the surrounding text beforehand to make sure that it is definitely an error and if it is, whether it is an entirely separate error. There have been a number of cases where users have edited what they thought was a grammatical error, but didn't look at the entirety of the relevant section and missed the things which showed that it was not an error, and thus created an error themselves. There have also been a number of tweaks which have either created another problem elsewhere or only fixed one part of a larger error or group of errors.
  • When adding information to articles, remember to include a reference at the end of the added section to show where the information came from. As well as referencing being standard procedure, not including proper references costs time and effort needed elsewhere. While the Referencing Guide overhaul is not complete yet, there are still instructions which can help with the general process, evidence showing the layout of recent references in various pages across the wiki, and users (such as the admins and primary contributors, myself included) who can provide advice when asked and help with problems with using references.


  • Be aware that there are certain outdated/flawed segments present on the wiki. They remain because we have been busy in other areas and have a large number of tasks which need to be done beforehand (some of which need to be done before the flawed/outdated areas in question can be dealt with properly), but they will be tackled in due course. In the meantime, please keep be mindful of their presence and avoid spreading them further, which will make more trouble and needlessly increase the work which needs to be done.
  • Certain activities in the article comments sections will need to be addressed at some point.

I would also like to repeat certain stopgap reminders regarding images and references. See here for further details.



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