Pentagram-GreatGold Series Three Overhaul Project
This article is currently undergoing extensive revision as part of a wiki-wide overhaul

With Index III coming up, there is a lot of work to be done on the wiki. In order to coordinate the efforts of those involved in the Series Three Overhaul Project, I am compiling the articles and the tasks concerning them into several tasklists. This one covers more general matters which need to be dealt with, aside from the primary and secondary material.

The subjects involved are listed in the following manner

  • Subject (with link to article if possible)
    • Reference Location(s): Locations of references to volume material within subject article (if applicable)
    • Links To: Which volumes does the subject article currently link to (i.e. in references)(if applicable)
    • Links From: Which volume chapter articles link to (or list if no link) the subject article (if applicable)
    • Tasks: Tasks which need to be carried out on the subject article
    • Notes: Other information and notes concerning the subject article which doesn't fit under the above
    • Subpage links and notes when required

Aside from the above, the text for the individual materials is not completely standardised. As the primary tasklist took a long time to compile and time is short anyway, I won't be taking time to standardise the detail text here, otherwise we might be here until a fair way into Index III itself - which would defeat the point of it.

If I've missed anything concerning subjects connected to the general matters from this tasklist, please point it out in the comments section.

NOTE: OH&S has permission to adjust this tasklist.

Series Three Overhaul Project - General Overview

Aside from the work which naturally accompanies a new series, the wiki has had quite a lot of work which has needed to be done for quite a while (missing information, waffling, purple, bloated and sparse summaries, remnants of outdated formats which have been missed during updates, misconceptions which have slipped through the net etc), though due to a lack of time and contributors, efforts had been primarily been focused elsewhere (i.e. new material). With the new series coming up, this presented a chance and a necessity to tackle it all, and it was felt that the best way to go about it was through an extensive and coordinated overhaul.

The plan for the project was to gather a team of capable and trustworthy contributors (ideally between half a dozen and a dozen to coordinate effectively while covering as much ground as possible) to work together in order to carry out the large amount of work quicker than one or two working separately. The three main users involved in planning the work which led to this project are myself, OH&S and Herald of meridian. Ollerus is helping with updating the remaining references from the old format to the new one.


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