This is a tasklist compiled to aid with organizing and carrying out certain image-related tasks connected to the Series Three Overhaul Project, as of 08/11/2019, following on from 26/10/2019. If any other major image-related tasks come to mind, please mention them in the comments section below or in the discussion thread so the tasklist can be adjusted.

Note: Currently compiling as of 08/11/2019.


Currently compiling
  • Image Information Survey (see below, to be carried out by Inept using Inept Bot)
    • Addition of information to pre-15/10/2019 images to be kept at a minimum while the sweeps are in progress.
  • Identify possible images needed (checking first for ones on the wiki)
  • Identify images needing discussion and review
  • Check if any images missing from the temporary logs (Index III E1-17, E18-26, Accelerator)

Image Information Survey

Currently compiling
For previous overview and plans, see User blog:Inept Wiki User/Series Three Overhaul Project - Image Tasklist (26/10/2019)#Image Information Survey.

The project was initiated as planned on November 1st, with sweeps through the first batch being carried out. Currently the process is at Step 3 for this first batch, with progress temporarily suspended due to a number of snags being found and revisions needed to the planned procedure. In addition, despite the existing reduction, it seems as though it will be necessary to streamline the procedure further and clearly define the steps so they can be carried out more efficiently. Once these have been dealt with, the sweeps will proceed through the remaining 27 batches systematically.

Note (22/11/2019): Still working on procedure revision

Wanted Images

Currently compiling

Specific: To be compiled

Non-Specific: To be compiled

Images to be checked for on-wiki first

Currently compiling

Specific: To be compiled

  • Sephiroth: Menorah, Cup of Stolistes, Symbol of Mercury
  • Light Novel Volume Back Cover Illustration Items: Multiple items confirmed to be on wiki (assembling in Shared Draft 5)

Non-Specific: To be compiled

Images for Discussion and Review

Currently compiling

On-Wiki: To be compiled

Non-Wiki: To be compiled

Both: To be compiled

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