This is a tasklist compiled to aid with organizing and carrying out certain image-related tasks connected to the Series Three Overhaul Project, as of 12/04/2019. If any other major image-related tasks connected to Index III and other parts of the Toaru Project come to mind, please mention them in the comments section below so the tasklist can be adjusted.

Note: Spoilers for anime-only viewers further down this list.


  • Adding relevant information and categories to images lacking them.
  • Renaming some of the images with non-fitting names.
  • Review mass addition of design images without name changes.
  • Review superseded infobox/navbox images.
  • Review navbox images needing adjusting.
  • Purge Gunha spam.
  • Check if any Index III images missing from the temporary logs (E1-17, E18-26)

Index III (Pre-Episode 18)

Currently compiling

Episode Specific

Index III (Post-Episode 18)

Episode Specific

Currently compiling

Non-Index III


  • NT22: Queen Britannia (zoomed-in image). Zoomed-out image to be done as separate image.


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