This is a tasklist compiled to aid with organizing and carrying out certain image-related tasks connected to the Series Three Overhaul Project, as of 21/03/2019. If any other major image-related tasks connected to Index III come to mind, please mention them in the comments section below so the tasklist can be adjusted.

Note: Spoilers for anime-only viewers down this list.


  • Adding relevant information and categories to images lacking them.
  • Renaming some of the images with non-fitting names.
  • Review mass addition of design images without name changes.
  • Review superseded infobox/navbox images.
  • Review navbox images needing adjusting.
  • Purge Gunha spam.
  • Check if any Index III images missing from the temporary logs (E1-17, E18-26)

Index III (Pre-Episode 18)

Episode Specific

Index III (Episode 18 onwards)

Episode Specific

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Non-Index III


NT20-21 Illustrations:

NT22 Illustrations: See NT22 Plans thread in forum


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