This is a tasklist compiled to aid with organizing and carrying out certain image-related tasks connected to the Series Three Overhaul Project, as of 26/10/2019. If any other major image-related tasks come to mind, please mention them in the comments section below or in the discussion thread so the tasklist can be adjusted.

Note: Currently compiling as of 29/10/2019.


Currently compiling
  • Image Information Survey (see below, to be carried out by Inept using Inept Bot)
    • Addition of information to pre-15/10/2019 images to be kept at a minimum while the sweeps are in progress.
  • Identify possible images needed (checking first for ones on the wiki)
  • Identify images needing discussion and review
  • Check if any images missing from the temporary logs (Index III E1-17, E18-26, Accelerator)

Image Information Survey

This is a project which has been a long time coming and a long time needed - the objective being to identify which images on the wiki have adequate information and which have not, and to create an up-to-date list of the latter, to help in dealing with them.

Preliminary lists and preparations are nearing completion and the project is almost ready to go. It will involve going through all of the images on the wiki systematically and identifying the images which have information (i.e. a licensing tag and source information mainly, and perhaps a description and purpose) and those which haven't. Once the images with and without adequate information have been identified, the ones lacking information will be tagged with the ImageReqInfo template (mentioned in the previous image tasklist), along with a basic framework to show which information is required) - allowing us to produce an automatically updated list via WhatLinksHere or Category:Images requiring information, which were can use to keep track of them.

As nearly 10,000 files have been uploaded to the wiki at the time of writing, cataloguing them manually would be somewhat impractical, taking up a large amount of time and effort which is needed elsewhere. The plan is to perform a series of automatic sweeps using the Mass Edit function in order to identify and then tag the images in question. There is another problem in doing this as the massive number of edits would clog the Recent Changes list if done with a standard user account - therefore, the sweeps will be carried out using a designated Bot (edits for which are normally concealed unless specified), which is now operational.

Sweeping lists have been compiled in multiple blocks of file links extracted from Special:AllPages for the File namespace (if I recall correctly, there are around 38 of them). The procedure will be applied on a block-by-block basis. The pattern of sweeps (going over a list of all files prior to October 15th 2019) is currently planned to be as follows:

  1. Preparations (Objectives: Identifying all images among the block with information already (Summary headers, Licensing information and Licensing tags) and standardization to aid the later sweeps)
    1. Add files to temporary category ('Image Information Survey') via MassCategorization
    2. Sweep for text 'Licensing' found in the Licensing header. Identify and log all images with text. Method for use with Mass Edit - addition/removal of empty comment brackets (Note (01/11/19): Use Template:Inept Tag instead for quick listing purposes via Special:WhatLinksHere). Copy log from MassEdit to Sandbox and separate success/failures.
    3. Sweep to convert == Licensing == to ==Licensing==
    4. Compare the positive results from the previous sweep to the list from Special:WhatLinksHere for all of the individual Licensing tags
      1. If there are any outliers, sweep to add a ImageReqInfo tag to the Licensing sections, or a Licensing header above the Licensing tag.
      2. Keep the lists handy for the next stage.
    5. Sweep for text 'Summary' found in header - Identify all images with text. Same method as with 'Licensing' text. Copy log from MassEdit to Sandbox and separate success/failures.
    6. Sweep to convert == Summary == to ==Summary==
    7. Checks for pre-existing summaries and descriptions
      1. Identify and record all images within list with summaries/descriptions outside of/without the section headers (if possible, if not then never mind - one of the main sweeps is planned in such a way that they will be brought under the Summary header anyway)
      2. Identify and record all images with Summary headers that have the 'Description, Source, Purpose' layout and those with different ones. Use similar method targeting the relevant terms.
    8. Finish preparing existing lists for main sweeps
  2. Main Sweeps
    1. Images without proper Licensing information: Append Licensing section framework and tag to files, not using MassEdit's Append function but through FindAndReplace, targeting the first instance of [[Category: (this is to avoid the problem which Append has that sticks the stuff after the categories, but remember to include adequate spaces). After this step, all images within the block should have a Licensing header.
    2. Images with Licensing information but no Summary header: Prepend Summary section with basic framework and tags (for the files with descriptive information but no summary header, prepending the section means that the information now falls under that section and can be manually incorporated later). After this step, all images within the block should have a Summary header
    3. Apply 'Description, Source, Purpose' framework with tags to images logged in Stage 1, Step 7-2 using FindAndReplace targeting the header (or sort them out manually), excluding and including parts as necessary.
    4. Tackle any remaining outliers (improvised manual or automatic edits?)
  3. Finishing
    1. Tidy up excess spaces via MassEdit-FindAndReplace, targeting the excess space before the headers or categories. Repeat tidying sweep until no changes.
    2. Remove temporary category from files via MassCategorization (Remove function)

Follow-on Sweeps (to be conducted after the main survey is complete):

  • Episode screenshot - source conversion sweeps (quick links) using the screenshot naming format to compile the sweep lists
  • Rainbow Spectrum - Artist Notes check (Note: Tie into checks for outlying image names and categorization (Artist/Design))

If no problems are found with the plan, the project will be initiated on November 1st.

Wanted Images

Currently compiling



Images to be checked for on-wiki first

Currently compiling



Images for Discussion and Review

Currently compiling


  • Sogiita Gunha: Discuss images to be kept and purged
  • Rainbow Spectrum: Verify which design images lack artist notes or deviate from the file naming pattern.

Non-Wiki: To be compiled


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