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    On comments

    September 19, 2013 by TheGreatEye

    I turned the comments back on after deeming that the "regular" users of the comments section have cooled down a bit or have become discouraged of it's loss and disappearance. Of course, I was required to delete a few of these comments and block some people. And this is not an easy task to accomplish, for the comments are many and it's hard to judge which one is a problem and needs to be deleted, and with regards to users, it is quite difficult tracking sockpuppets, unless someone is fool enough to post a comment that has information that he/she or should not have known unless he/she is another user.

    The comments section is still encompassed by the Forum Policies and FAQ (Upper right), as such whatever comment is posted will be under the jud…

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  • TheGreatEye

    Trivial minutiae

    June 26, 2013 by TheGreatEye

    After much searching, I finally found a way to create random lists. Apparently, it has been under my nose the whole time.

    Anyway, I am looking for factual trivia of the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe that can be easily written down in a short sentence and can easily be verified by those who read it. This is for a remarkably small project to be put on the main page, the Did you know' section, which one can easily see in the main page of Wikipedia.

    For example Did you know...

    • ...that Touma's is an Aquarius?
    • ...that Stiyl is actually blond?
    • ...that following the anime timeline, Mikoto caused 2 power outages in Academy City during the summer?
    • ...that Acqua of the Back's escutcheon defy the rules of heraldry?
    • ...that Fremea made a cameo in the finale of Toa…
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  • TheGreatEye

    My dear wikia editors, many are you but few do you appear. Spring is come, and yet the remnants of many years' Fall is unfinished. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S will come soon, and I am concerned that half of the first season has yet to be finished. Once, a long time ago, in personally difficult circumstances, I tried to finish it before an episode debuted in the Philippines during its first run. However, many things preoccupied me, specifically the unfinished collation of terms, events, characters, and information from the novels (as one can see, the recent influx of new things has held me back greatly. Kamachi is truly a beast that I can never hope to emulate), have made me unable to finish it entirely, leaving only up to 12 episodes complete…

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