I know I've been absent for a long while. But I did not procrastinate: I decided to try to make a fuller comprehensive list of all the differences in term translation (an example here) in the Yen Press version of A Certain Magical Index. It will be kept up to date for every novel that comes out. I'm also thinking of taking requests, since I will probably forget some things.

Without further ado:

Baka-Tsuki Fan Translation Yen Press Translation
Power Curriculum Program Sometimes termed simply "the Curricula/Curriculum"; mainly Supernatural Ability Development program (shortened to Ability Development program)
Magicians Sorcerers
Bank Data banks
Spell Intercept Spell interception
Aureolus Izzard Aureolus Isard
Nanasen and Yuisen Seven Glints and Single Glint respectively
School Garden Garden of Learning
AIM Field Involuntary Diffusion Field
Aogami Pierce Blue Hair
All-Around Reality Array Four Ways to Truth
Counter Stop Identity Unknown
Imaginary Number District/Five Elements Institution/City of Shimmers ith School District/Five Elements Society/mirage city
Nikolai Tolstoy Nikolai Tolstoj
Agnese Forces Agnes Unit
Angelene Angeline
Supreme Pontiff Vicar Pope
Route Disturb Route Disturber
Oriana's All of Symbol incantation:

"Using all my talents, release all the souls and destroy the enemy ahead!"

"I command every ability within my body to release mind and body and destroy the enemy before me!"

  • Level 0 Person with No Powers
  • Level 1 Person with Low Powers
  • Level 2 Person with Unusual Powers
  • Level 3 Person with Strong Powers
  • Level 4 Person with Great Powers
  • Level 5 Person with Super Powers
  • Level 6 Person with Absolute Powers
  • Level Zero Impotents
  • Level One Deficients
  • Level Two Adepts
  • Level Three Experts
  • Level Four Masters
  • Level Five Superpowers
  • Level Six Absolute



  • Roman Orthodox Church
  • Russian Achievement Church
  • English Puritan Church
Majin Demon god
Automatic Writing Automatic Clerk
The One who Purifies God and Slays Demons The magic slayer of God's cleansing
St. George's Sanctuary St. George's Hallowed Ground
0th Investigation Department Spiritual Ability Investigative Division Number Zero
Symbolic Weapons Aspected weapons
Wedge of Forbidden Color Fetters of Forbidden Colors
Aureolus Dummy Dummy Aureolus
Heaven Canceller The Heaven Canceler
Divine Punishment Divine judgment
Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility Resource Reclamation and Treatment Plant 3
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