The Lord Reader The Lord Reader 9 December 2014

Comparing ToAru's magic and ''real life'' magic's characteristics

Magic is kinda like religious dogma. It has its origins; its laws; its rites; and badass prize if you fulfill all requirements. Wikipedia has an interesting (but really, really long) article about it, and the forms it takes, and, while I was reading it, I was stuck by how much of it figured in ToAru at one point or another (for example, there is a list of magic traditions at the bottom of the page, of which many featured in the series at one point or another: Alchemy, Black Magic, Vodou, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Onmyoudou, Shinto, Sigil magic, Thelema, Witchcraft). So I decided to compare how magic works in ToAru verse and how it 'works' here.

I decided to not make use of the Wikipedia article since it would be...well, too long. Instead, I receā€¦

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