Ushibuka (牛深 Ushibuka?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a member of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church.


He is likely named after the city of Ushibuka, which has been merged with other nearby cities and towns in the Kumamoto Prefecture to create the city of Amakusa.


He is a large man with black hair that he keeps short. In his cameo appearance in the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, he wears a t-shirt with long shorts.[1] However, in his appearance in the novels and in the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga he wears the same outfit, a blue zip-on sweatshirt or jacket over his shirt with pants.


Not much separates him from his comrades, though in his introduction he is the most talkative to Tatemiya Saiji and shares the perverted tendencies of the male Amakusa Christians.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

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He is present in the battle against the Agnese Forces both in the manga and anime adaptations of the 7th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel.

In the anime adaptation, it was only a brief cameo of him fighting off the Agnese Forces as Kamijou Touma and Orsola Aquinas try to escape the building they were in.[1] In the manga adaptation, he has a much bigger role, he and the other Amakusa Christians use wires to restrain the members of the Agnese Forces before they overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.[2] He and the other Amakusa Christians later follow the plan concoted by Stiyl Magnus, Tatemiya Saiji, and Kamijou Touma, act as decoys while they distribute Stiyl's rune cards to create a large magic circle and the pretend to be defeated by the Agnese Forces.[3]

Acqua of the Back Arc

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Ushibuka is one of the named Amakusa Christians in the novel. In the story arc, the Amakusa Christians are sent out by the Anglican Church to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back.

There are a few notable scenes with him. He is first seen when he and the rest Amakusa Christians spy on Itsuwa and Touma from behind a nearby building. He and the rest of the males there gather around Saiji as he describes Itsuwa's greatest weapon to getting Touma which has yet to use, her breasts, and he faints as the conclusion. He immediately comes to afterwards to continue to argue about Itsuwa's breasts. He later witnesses Saiji taking out a soccer ball and kicking it towards Touma's head in order for his face to land on Itsuwa's breast. He is successful, but he manages to catch the attention of Misaka Mikoto, irate on what had happened to Touma. Saiji and the other later leave quickly without a trace.[4]

The group later comes into School District 22, scattered to have Touma be the center, and continuing their protection of Touma from far away. Ushibuka later comes up to him and asks if Acqua of the Back really is going to attack, to which Saiji offers his observation to him. Here, Saiji confirms that Touma is worth protecting not because his is their savior, but because he is also their comrade as well. Then Saiji wonders about the value of Kamijou Touma to Academy City, to the Anglican Church, and to the God's Right Seat, to which Saiji concludes that there are a lot of hidden information regarding Touma. However, Saiji suddenly feels constricted, and discovers that he and their comrades are the only ones who are walking in the street. He prepares his comrades for battle but they are too late,[5] Acqua of the Back utterly defeats them, though doesn't kill them as they're not the ones he intends to kill.[6]

He is likely present when Saiji forces Itsuwa, who was depressed after failing to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back, to stand up to her despair and repay Touma after protecting her from being attacked by Acqua of the Back.

Index v16 146

Orsola interrupted the somber mood to give vital information.

They later have the 50-strong Amakusa Christians in an alleyway in School District 22, awaiting the intelligence from the Anglican Church regarding Acqua of the Back. Saiji reports to his comrades that Acqua of the Back is currently fighting unmanned robots, and that they should prepare first before challenging him. As the Amakusa prepares for their battle against Acqua of the Back, Saiji turns to find Itsuwa, finding out that she is intensively strengthening her weapon beyond normal. This makes both Saiji and Ushibuka both unnerved, with the former thinking that he went overboard with her.[7] Orsola Aquinas later calls Saiji to inform him of what they learned of Acqua of the Back, and though they learn no weakness and discover that Acqua of the Back is more powerful than they thought, Saiji and the others are still determined to protect Touma from him.[8]

He and the other Amakusa Christians partake in the battle against Acqua of the Back. After discovering that Acqua of the Back has Divine Mother's Mercy allowing him to weaken any "punishment" that is imposed on him, which in this case their "Punishment of a Killer" spell that uses wires, they later regroup 300 meters away from the metal bridge where they fought Acqua of the Back. Ushibuka is the one who kept the the metal wires that were now cut into something like fluff as he waited for Saiji to give the next instruction. With Acqua of the Back always breaking their formation, Saiji concludes that they should better use the weakness of the Saints, since they have properties similar to the Son of God, then they will be weak to things that have similar properties to those that have executed him. Feeling Acqua of the Back coming, Saiji tells his comrades to get into position, they create an entrance to the space between the third and fourth level, a hydroelectric turbine power plant. Saiji and the others set-up wires and trap spells down below in order to delay him long enough for them to set-up their counter against him. With Acqua of the Back's arrival, Itsuwa becomes the focal point of their formation once again. Here, Itsuwa discovers that despite being a member of God's Right Seat, he is still able to use normal spells due to his Divine Mother's Worship. Thus, being aligned to water, Itsuwa runs for her life as everything around her is a weapon for Acqua of the Back. Itsuwa is later blown down the screen that acts as the 4th level's sky. Both draw their weapons, and Acqua of the Back prepares to end the battle, however, the other Amakusa Christians finally arrive through the entrances. Battered and injured, the Amakusa Christians face down Acqua of the Back.[9]

Index v16 270-271

Once was broken, is again now whole.

While Itsuwa fights Acqua of the Back directly, other members attack him in every direction, however, they are still no match for his impeccable power, blowing them away, specifically both Ushibuka and Kouyagi. The both them likely continued to participate in the battle and later probably witnesses Itsuwa using Saint Destroyer on Acqua of the Back and its failure against him.[10]

Ushibuka and the other Amakusa Christians later rally to Kanzaki Kaori's sides after she asks for her help in defeating Acqua of the Back.

British Royal Family Arc

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Ushibuka first appears during Itsuwa's bout of depression after the mix-up in the airport where instead of receiving Touma and Index, she instead receives Sphynx instead. Here, he complains about Itsuwa stealing his Potato Baron, an alcoholic drink he kept hidden, which Itsuwa is drinking heavily.[11]

He and the others likely continue to participate in the missions that were given to the Amakusa Christians of the British Halloween.

English Civil War
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Ushibuka and the other Amakusa Christians appears right after Touma, Index, and Princess Villian's successful Overloading of Curtana Original mission. It was a calm before the storm, and the members of the Anglican Church, including the Amakusa Christians and the Agnese Forces, have gathered in the verdant outskirts of London. Saiji mentions that they succeeded in weakening Curtana Original but they were still affected by its reaction. Ushibuka then states that it is because of the telesma emitted in all directions with the second princess at the center, affecting the spiritual items and facilities within London, and destroying three small churches in the process. Kouyagi adds that the Telesma in London is incredibly dense, so much so that using magic within London would envelop the city in an explosion. Saiji agrees, stating that they could mentally take down the knights now that Carissa has been weakened further. Isahaya comments that they need to wait for the Telesma in London to diffuse before they could attack, though he worries that the Curtana Original might be restored and the Knights of England would focus on defending Buckingham Palace in the meantime. Saiji states that though he is unsure of the knights, the Curtana Original is too strong and cannot be restored easily without leading into catastrophe if it fails. With that, Saiji concludes that they have a little break, though states that it is also a preparatory period before the final battle. Tsushima retorts that they should do their jobs properly then, to which Saiji and other males of the Amakusa begin arguing back against her. However, Tsushima is unperturbed as she sees them looking at Itsuwa and her apron using the binoculars.[12]

During the calm before the storm, the Amakusa and the rest eat to restore the stamina they lost from the fleeing and battling. While Itsuwa is flustered on what she should do with getting close to Touma, Saiji appears having apparently gotten the Great Spirit Revealing Maid outfit. Saiji reveals that the designer was from London, as such he picked one up just after the coup d'etat started, to which Itsuwa just freaks out. Seeing this, Kanzaki lets out a sigh of relief, believing that her own maid outfit was lost back in the ensuing chaos of evacuating the Necessarius Women's Dormitory. But Saiji reveals that he also picked up both the Fallen Angel Maid and the Fallen Angel Ero Maid from the dormitory, much to Kanzaki's befuddlement. The Amakusa men then started talking about Kanzaki having other more erotic maid outfits, infuriating her even more. This was apparently because they have never seen their Priestess in a Fallen Angel Ero Maid outfit. All the discussion about maid outfits reached the ears of the Agnese Forces and even Sherry Cromwell and Orsola Aquinas.[12]

Ushibuka and the other Amakusa Christians are present during the Battle of Buckingham Palace. When the Griffin Sky arrives to aid Carissa, Kanzaki orders the Amakusa Christians to split into teams to deal with Carissa and the Griffin Sky mobile fortress. Kanzaki orders the Amakusa Christians to split into teams to deal with Carissa and the Griffin Sky mobile fortress. Ushibuka, Kouyagi, and Nomozaki were the one who were ordered to do so, but doubts if they can get through against the Griffin Skies as they have giant shields. Regardless, the Amakusa Christians quickly do as their told, and though one of which was not taken down, Kanzaki was able to use it to her advantage. Swinging the lance it had to hit the other Griffin Sky mobile fortresses and attack Carissa. Itsuwa later encourages to make teams in order to increase their attacks on the Griffin Skies, to which the Amakusa Christians do so quickly.[13]

After the battle, Ushibuka, as part of the Amakusa Christians likely later treat the wounded after the end of the coup d'etat. He and the others may have also gathered around Index after Fiamma of the Right took away the external controller for her John's Pen Mode, as well as Touma declaring to hunt down Fiamma of the Right.[14]

World War III Arc

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As a member of the Amakusa Christians, he was likely deployed during the Battle of Dover Strait against the French forces.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Ushibuka was among the crowd that gathered to watch Tatemiya Saiji attempt a sword catching technique with Itsuwa.[15]

Other appearances


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

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Ushibuka like most Amakusa Christians play a supporting role to Itsuwa, as they struggle to clear their name after being framed by the Dusk Waiting to Awaken magic cabal. In spite of this, and the other male members of the Amakusa Christians still have time to argue amongst themselves regarding Itsuwa.


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Like most of the Amakusa Christians, Ushibuka is trained in the style of combat and magic inherited from generations of secrecy, and is particularly effective working in a team. Like most of the Amakusa Christians, he uses a Western weapon. His weapon of choice is an axe.

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  • (To Saiji regarding Itsuwa, from volume 16): "What to do now! It feels like we added too much oil to Itsuwa!4 It’s almost on a petrochemical plant-level fire!"


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