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The Víðarr Shoes Woman is an unnamed magician of Necessarius, introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki.[1]


The woman is described as being about the same age as Kanzaki Kaori, rough looking with brown hair. She wears a t-shirt, miniskirt and two backpacks, held by one strap, one on each shoulder.[1]


Her words indicate to Kanzaki that she is a belligerent person.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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She was dispatched by Necessarius during an incident where an underwater prison had been hijacked by its prisoners after they symbolically turned it into Naglfar, the giant ship riden by the Muspell, the enemies of the gods, and controlled by Loki, which appears in opposition to Skíðblaðnir, the ship Odin and the other gods ride. While Kanzaki Kaori's group were coming back from investigating how to end the incident without having to kill everyone on the ship, prisoner or warden, regardless of their orders, the woman contacted them, telling them that they had taken too long and that she would now carry out their orders to kill everyone.[1]

Not wanting any innocents to die, Kanzaki caught up with the woman and slammed her to the ground on the beach. Both had to activate defensive spells due to the force of the sand from the high-speed impact, with the woman escaping Kanzaki's grasp the moment she was focused on the defensive spell. After chiding Kanzaki for doing something like that when there wasn't anything in place to conceal it, the woman accelerated across the water towards the prison with Kanzaki pursuing.[1]

As they were making their way across the ocean using stepping stones, the woman on leather triangles she was scattering on the water and Kanzaki using marine debris, Kanzaki suddenly changed direction and delivered a kick to the woman. The woman was knocked away but recovered quickly and resumed her course with only a slight loss of speed. Scattering more leather triangles, the woman moved at Kanzaki, stomping on one of the triangles before her fist connected, causing a splash which knocked Kanzaki away. Remarking that she wasn't suited for sea battles, the woman confirmed Kanzaki's guess about her magic being based on Víðarr's shoes, jumping up high to strike Kanzaki on her way down.[1]

Kanzaki dodged the woman's strike, using her wires to slice the water. She moved in a complex path to keep her distance from the woman. While she was thinking about what else there was to the woman's magic, the woman moved in to punch her. Blocking the strike with her sword, Kanzaki said how the woman was using that effect of increasing strength on things over than herself in order to increase the power of her attacks. The woman then told her she realized that too late since they were far out to sea, pointing out the prison now in sight.[2]

INDEX Norse Mythology 05 027

Kanzaki further fragmenting the Víðarr shoes.

As the woman tried to escape Kanzaki and reach the Naglfar before her, her movements slowed. Looking down, she noticed that Kanzaki had cut the triangles with her wires in curves so that they would lose their triangular shape, depriving her of power. In response, the woman used the strengthened wind to cut them back into triangles. The two then began a high-speed cutting battle, with the woman confident she would win as the increase in triangles from being cut also increased her power. However, as Kanzaki pointed out, the triangles got increasingly smaller and more difficult to cut accurately, especially with the increased strength that wasn't her own.[2]

With the woman no longer able to cut the triangles accurately and deprived of power, Kanzaki charged at her and blew her away with a strike from her scabbard. Kanzaki then addressed the prisoners, asking if any of them dared to face her after seeing their fight, bringing the incident to an end.[2]


Her magic is based around the shoes worn by Víðarr, the god destined to kill Fenrir at Ragnarok, second only to Thor in strength. Víðarr's shoes are made out of triangular pieces of leather cast aside while making human shoes and not any special material, making them easy to reproduce. She uses these triangular pieces of leather that have been polished with high quality wax, which she scatters over a surface and stamps on, in order to increase the physical strength of herself and things around her, such as wind, waves and gravity.[1][2]

She is also capable of using a high level concealment spell that only makes her visible as a slight blur and defensive spells to avoid being ripped to shreds by sand sent flying by a high-speed impact.[1]


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