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Vase (ヴェイズ Vueizu?) is a member of the magic cabal Dusk Waiting to Awaken, who appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test.[1] A loyal member of the magic cabal, he continued the goal of the magic cabal even after the defeat of their leader Arlands Darkstreet, becoming de facto leader of the group.


Vase is the type of person who focuses on supporting people from the background and sees no meaning in taking command, regardless of crisis or opportunity. He believes in the idea that pride, both from overestimating and underestimating oneself, comes before a fall, also seeing it as identical to stagnation and leading to death. As such he seeks to survive by avoiding becoming prideful and stagnant, aiming higher while showing there is still more room for improvement.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

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Vase was contacted by Arlands Darkstreet as Arlands was transporting the Necronomicon and told to make as many preparations as he could. After the ceremony to summon R'lyeh was carried out, Vase received the transmission with the data that the cabal was after and led his group to Stonehenge in order to construct the spell Blank Paper.[1]

After applying a spell to some cars to deal with potential witnesses, Vase led his group in dealing with the Anglican groups stationed around Stonehenge,[3] isolating them before crushing them, such that the other groups had no idea what was going on. After dealing with a few of them, they gathered in the middle of the stone circle and began to apply the experimental data in interfering with Stonehenge.[4]

Vase then had a subordinate take over the process as he prepared to meet the enemy which he assumed would soon arrive.[4] Shortly afterwards, they spotted the Amakusa's scouts, sending up a flare, alerting the other groups. A battle then ensued between the Amakusa and the cabal members. Identifying Vase as the leader, the Amakusa charged at him from different directions. In response, Vase clenched a trapezohedron in his hand and invoked Nyarlathotep, knocking them all out except Itsuwa who was just out of range.[5]

Itsuwa then threw her spear at him, its accuracy enhanced by the symbol of St. Andrew. Vase instinctively held his hand to cover his face and it struck the hand holding the jewel, breaking the spell. As the trapezohedron flew up in the air, Vase, with the spear stuck in his hand, bend backwards and caught the jewel in his mouth before swallowing it, once again placing it in darkness. As he grinned at Itsuwa with a mocking smile like the evil god he invoking, he and his allies were all suddenly knocked out by a sudden surprise attack by Freadia Strikers.[5]

It was later revealed that Vase was forced to cough out the trapezohedron from his stomach after his defeat to eliminate the danger posed by the jewel.[6]


Like other members of his magic cabal, Vase uses magic based on the Cthulhu Mythos.

The Haunter of the DarkEdit

Using the "Shining Trapezohedron" (輝くトラペゾヘドロン Kagayaku Torapezohedoron?) as told in "The Haunter of the Dark" Cthulhu Mythos story as a basis, he has a trapezohedron-shaped jewel with him to represent the jewel found in the story. In the story the Shining Trapezohedron was the medium used to summon Outer God known as Nyarlathotep (ナイアーラトテップ Naiāratoteppu?) and was normally kept within a special box while supported by seven pins. The jewel's power was not invoked when the seal was broken. Instead, it summoned Nyarlathotep when the lid was closed and the jewel was covered in darkness.[3]

When preparing to make use of the spell, Vase tears a piece of paper several times and twists it to look like it has seven sharp stakes sticking out of it, resembling spider legs or fangs. He then sticks it to a car door. Vase makes it so that the car represents the box where the Shining Trapezohedron was kept by using the piece of paper. Even if the “box” itself is fragile, it still has the seal needed to switch between summoning the evil god or not. Once that seal is made, the inside and outside are fundamentally cut off from each other. It is meant to prevent whoever is inside from wanting to leave.[3]

Using a jewel simply known in the narrative as a Trapezohedron (トラペゾヘドロン Torapezohedoron?), he needs only to invoke a chant and then cover the jewel in darkness to summon Nyarlathotep as he appears in the mythos story. The spell summons a mass of black smoke and lightning shoots out in every direction. This lightning is enough to knock a fully grown man like Tatemiya Saiji unconscious.[5]

However, as the jewel requires darkness, no matter how forceful the method, any light reaching the jewel is enough to end the ceremony. When exposed to light, the black smoke disappears instantly.[5]

The chant:

"From the moment I become involved with you, I vow that I will not return alive. Oh mocking god, use the darkness filling this stone to destroy everything for this one last night."

The Thing on the RoofEdit

Vase also uses a red jewel, which he swings around in a leather belt like a sling and then propels towards the target like a missile. When the red jewel hits the target, it emits a pitch black darkness, which then absorbs the target completely even their screams. The jewel represents the red jewel that is said to call in a frog-like evil god found in some story in the Cthulhu Mythos. Most likely, this refers to the toad-like red jewel found and the unnamed creature that is looking for it found in the short story "The Thing on the Roof" by Robert E. Howard of Conan the Barbarian fame, and one of Lovecraft's correspondents in weird fiction.[4]


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