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Vending Machine #7116 as seen in the first episode of the Railgun anime

Vending Machine #7116[1] is the main landmark of a recurring area in Academy City in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. It is notable for being kicked by Misaka Mikoto in its many appearances.


It should function like any normal beverage dispensing machine, yet it seems to have the propensity of not actually giving any beverage, as well as eating the money of its customers. Apparently, the machine has been in that condition for a couple of years already.[2]

The machine is old, making the springs loose, and with a little force, can give at least one can of a random beverage.[3]

The vending machine sells Strange Juices.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Level Upper Arc[]

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As an apparent nod to its original appearance, Mikoto kicks the machine in the anime adaptation of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Strangely, the Security Robots seem to respond to Mikoto kicking despite not doing so in the machine's first appearance.[1]

In the anime adaptation, Mikoto kicks the machine several times in the course of the series, most especially after being angered by Touma's disinterest in being known as the true person who save Uiharu Kazari and Hazamaya Kana from the final graviton bombing by Kaitabi Hatsuya.[4]

Poltergeist Arc[]

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The vending machine is the penultimate scene in the montage of people who sees Kiyama Harumi's students birthday greeting with a blimp. Hither, Touma is seen with Index, the latter drinking a beverage near the vending machine whilst Touma sees the blimp and smiles.[5]

Sisters Arc[]

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Later on, Kuroko and Mikoto mention it when Mikoto asks Kuroko what Kuroko would do if Mikoto were to do something that would bring disaster upon Academy City. Kuroko assumes that Mikoto's referring to her stealing from this vending machine, to which Mikoto retorts that it stole a 10,000-yen bill from her during her first year in Tokiwadai.[2]

Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Sisters Arc[]

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Mikoto's Chaser Kick in the anime adaptation.

The vending machine appears for the first time in the 3rd novel, and is once again featured at the end of chapter 30 of the Railgun manga. In the timeline, after Mikoto presumed that the Level 6 Shift has been abandoned after her rampage on the research facilities, Mikoto once again returns to her normal life. Hither, near the vending machine, Mikoto meets Touma again for the first time after his memory loss, and accosts him, though predictably he has no idea who she is, which Mikoto mistakes for him still not wanting to remember her name. Mikoto then learns that Touma had lost a large sum of money from the machine, to which Mikoto shows off her skills by kicking the machine, which spits out a can of beverage. However, Touma is not impressed and infers that maybe the reason the machine is broken is because of girls like her who kick them. Later, after making fun of Touma's predicament, Mikoto uses her electric powers to try and retrieve his money. Instead however, they get several beverages instead, leading for both Touma and Mikoto to make a run for it, as the security alarm becomes triggered (strangely, the security robots do not respond to the kick first). Meanwhile, Shirai Kuroko notices the alarm and goes out to investigate, precipitating her meeting with Touma.

Other Appearances[]

Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare[]

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The vending machine is featured as the meeting place for Misaka Mikoto and Sogiita Gunha, the former whom challenges the latter to a conditional show of strength. In the Fanfare, the vending machine gives Sogiita a drink when he puts money into it and even plays him a song of victory because it had managed to survive the fierce battle between the level 5 duo that had destroyed most of the surrounding park.

In the 4koma, Kanzaki Kaori sees Sogiita Gunha using this vending machine. Seeing his interactions with it, she relates that "relationship" to the one she has with a certain washing machine she happens to use.

Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP game[]

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Background CG showing the location of the vending machine

The vending machine is featured as a background cell for the talking portion of the game, and is the primary starting point for Misaka Mikoto's story route.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game[]

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The vending machine is featured as a background cell for the game, where Kongou Mitsuko and Misaka Mikoto encounter a Skill-Out member during their search for Saten Ruiko.



  • When Mikoto tried to retrieve Touma's 2000 yen from the vending machine, 20 cans of juice came out instead. From there, it can be deduced that each can costs an average of 100 yen.
  • In Japan, 2000 yen notes are actually exceedingly rare. When introduced on July 17, 2000 to commemorate both the new millennium and the G8 summit held in Okinawa, the 2000 yen note was the first Japanese denomination to have a primary numeral that was not 1 or 5. Though still in circulation, the 2000 yen note never caught on, partly because of this unusual distinction (to Japanese eyes) and the fact that many vending machines won't accept them. It could be said that, when Touma fed the machine with that bill, he was probably tempting fate.