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The launching of the rockets to space.

Venus Probe Contest (金星探査コンテスト Kinsei Tansa Kontesuto?) is a massive world-wide free for all event in which unnamed probes are launched into space in order to be the first to discover something on Venus. However, the true purpose of the event was for Academy City to send out rockets into space in order to finish the spaceport portion of Endymion the space elevator.

The launching of the rockets to space for this event coincides with the launching of rockets to acquire the Remnant of Tree Diagram during the September space launches.


The contest was an attempt by Academy City to finish the space elevator.

Due to the delicate nature of constructing a space elevator in both foreign relations and in the relations between the magic and science side, Academy City used the contest as an excuse to launch materials for the construction of the spaceport of Endymion.[1] It can be assumed that Academy City started the contest in the first place.

The contest is free for anyone to enter, from projects put together by the European Union, other groups made up of multiple nations, down to regional efforts run by local shopping districts. The scale is so large that at least 400 rockets entered the contest, and that in Academy City as of September 10 of the timeline, the rate of rockets being fired form School District 23 was at a rate of about one in every 10 minutes.[2]


The goal of the contest was to to make a new discovery on Venus. It is apparently vague, as anything can be apparently be tried to discovered such as an asteroid or mountain on Venus.[2]

Despite knowing that their technology lagged behind that of Academy City, the other organizations and nations apparently used the contest as a way to quantify their technological quality compared to Academy City. There are also apparently efforts to find materials that altered by oil.[2]

Venus Probe Project Race[]

The Venus Probe Project Race (金星探査プロジェクトレース Kinsei Tansa Purojekutorēsu?) is a contest that was organized by the Academy City SNS Rondo Net that had users predict which team will make the first discovery after registering on the race's page. If the entree chooses the probe that makes the first discovered, they are entered into a lottery for the name of the discovery. Kamijou Touma tries to enter the race but is unable to participate due to a communication error with the webpage for the race.[2]