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Vera (ヴェーラ Vēra?, Yen Press: Vela) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. A member of a small squad of Hound Dogs sent to kill Accelerator during the invasion of Academy City by Vento of the Front, she is most notably remembered for witnessing the death of her colleague Nancy.[1]


She is described in the novel as a cheerful and sociable girl, though she can gauge the distance in a relationship between her and other people. She is also apparently able to talk her way out of a conversation relating her girl issues.[1]

Vera is also described as trying to at least try put a little trust with her comrades, even though the members of Hound Dog despised each other.[1]


Academy City Invasion Arc[]

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Accelerator's expression right before killing Vera.

After the escape of Accelerator, Kihara Amata orders a squad of Hound Dogs to track him down and eliminate him, here, Vera becomes a part of the squad under Nancy. Their search later leads them to the Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility where Accelerator tries to find a detergent that would make their Scent Sensor ineffective.[2]

However, with Accelerator being unable to use his powers due to the electromagnetic interference in the facility, he resorts to mind games and psychological warfare to kill off the Hound Dogs.[3]

Here, Vera is separated from the team, utterly confused and vulnerable due to Accelerator using their own communication lines to sow confusion. With low visibility being part of Accelerator's tactics, Vera opts to go for the safety of the outside.[1]

She however, unfortunately witnesses Nancy's death, which completely breaks her mind down and is later killed by Accelerator himself. In the anime version, a scared Vera discovers the corpse of Nancy in a shaft and stops the metal press machine activated by Accelerator from crushing her corpse. Here, Vera breaks down after discovering a pool of Nancy's blood.[4]

In the original light novels, Vera witnesses the slow death of Nancy, being crushed by the metal press and tries to stop the process. However, much to her horror she discovers the blown of jaw of Nancy and immediately after discovers the corpse of another Hound Dog that was killed through hot steam. At this point, in extreme disgust Vera vomited on herself involuntarily, and then completely breaks down mentally. She is soon relieved of her misery and terror by Accelerator.[1]


She is a normal human, though as a member of Hound Dog, she knows how to use firearms.



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