The Virus Isolation Center (ウィルス保管センター Wirusu Hokan Sentā?, Yen Press: Virus Storage Center) is a facility located in School District 5 of Academy City. It is here where Academy City-made computer viruses are analyzed and antivirus software is made.


The center has a number of unanalyzed viruses and a number of experimental viruses purposefully created by Academy City researchers. The viruses, like other technology, are 20 or 30 years ahead of those found outside of Academy City. As there is a 20-30 year gap between Academy City and the outside world in technology, so too are Academy City's viruses. As such, viruses from Academy City, old or new, would be a completely unknown threat to machines in the outside. Moreover, if a brand new virus that not even Academy City antivirus software could handle were to be leaked outside, it would be a big problem.[1]


Battle Royale ArcEdit

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BLOCK began their move on October 9th,[2] hacking the Virus Isolation Center and spreading the viruses through the External Connection Terminals, and at the same time hacking Hikoboshi II's satellite control center so they can use the satellite in order to split the forces that would be sent out to deal with it.[3] BLOCK's main goal with the hacking however was to take down the surveillance system that Hikoboshi II satellite had and deliberately spread false information of using it's large caliber ground-attack laser to attack School District 13.[4]

GROUP was contacted about a cracking attempt being carried out against the Center. Due to an attempted assassination of Oyafune Monaka by SCHOOL earlier in the day it was assumed they were behind it. Knowing the damage an Academy City virus would wreak when it is leaked the External Connection Terminals begin shutting down in order to prevent their spread.[1] All of the terminals other the one in School District 13 have been cut-off, forcing GROUP to go the district to stop it themselves.[1] While doing so, they receive a report of the satellite control center for Hikoboshi II, forcing GROUP to split up responsibilities. Accelerator goes to School District 23 to destroy the antenna that is for the satellite, while Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musujime Awaki continue towards School District 13. Both later succeed in their actions, with Accelerator inadvertently fulfilling BLOCK's desires. Meanwhile, Motoharu and Awaki just decided to blow up the center of the facility, ending the danger of the viruses from the Center from spreading.[5]


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