Vittorio Cassera (ビットリオ=カゼラ Bittorio Kazera?, Yen Press: Bittorio Cassela) is a minor character introduced in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. He is a member of the Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church ordered to hunt down Aureolus Izzard.


He is shown to be dedicated to his duty as a knight of the Roman Catholic Church, and would willingly sacrifice the lives of thousands in order to bring down one man. However, when Kamijou Touma meets him, he warns him of the impending destruction of Misawa Cram School. He is probably also responsible for using a barrier to stave off civilians such as Touma from entering the area where the bombardment of Misawa Cram School takes place.


Deep Blood ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index E08 19m 50s

Vittorio and the other knight preparing to summon the Gregorian Chant for bombardment of the school.

Touma meets Vittorio after he accidentally releases himself from Aureolus memory erasure. Here, along with the other knights, surround the building of Misawa Cram School in order to bombard with the Gregorian Chant.

Despite Touma's pleadings regarding the amount of blood they will spill if they attack, Vittorio goes on with his plans and bombards the school with the Gregorian Chant. The attack is in vain however, as Aureolus' Ars Magna manages to reverse the effects of the bombardment, and injure Vittorio as well.[1]

After the end of the end of the volume, Stiyl states that the only casualty was Parsifal of the knights, meaning that Vittorio is still alive, although his whereabouts remain unknown.[2]


Vittorio is apparently the Lancelot of his unit and seemingly its leader, as they are all named after the members of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. Naturally, Vittorio exhibits several abilities displayed by a knight of the Roman Catholic Church. His most notable ability is the use of the true Gregorian Chant alongside other knights which follow his command.

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  • A knight appears in Episode 8 of the anime adaptation of the Deep Blood Arc. Here, he recites the same spell Vittorio recites in order to bombard Misawa Cram School with the Gregorian Chant. The knight is voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara.


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