Vodyanoy (ヴォジャノーイ Vojanōi?) is a Magician, part of a group which Accelerator encounters in Russia.[1]


Her name, most likely a codename[1], comes from a Russian fairy in folklore. Vodyanoi are male water spirits, living in clear water like in rivers. They are of a malicious nature, sometimes drowning people.


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

World War III ArcEdit

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Vodyanoy was among a group of Russian magicians who surrounded Accelerator at a Russian air base. She used a water spear against Accelerator from his blind spot but he used his reflection, activated on his right hand, against it. However, to his confusion, instead of being reflected into Vodyanoy's arm, the spear then turned into a rainbow which flowed back and knocked away several of Vodyanoy's comrades. Also confused, Vodyanoy used the same spear again, looking for a way to breaking through. Accelerator held up his hand again, but after part of the light nearly scratched Last Order, he stopped trying to observe it and created a tsunami of snow which knocked Vodyanoy and her comrades out.[1]


With a motion from her fingers, Vodyanoy is able to melt the snow around her and turn it into a water spear which is launched at her opponent.[1]


  • In the anime adaptation, an unnamed male magician launches the attack instead, but doesn't get off a second shot before Accelerator sends the snow at them.[2]


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