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Wannai Kinuho (湾内 絹保 Wannai Kinuho?) is a minor character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun sidestory. She is an Academy City esper with Level 3 Hydro Hand.[1] She is often seen together with her friend Awatsuki Maaya.


She has short wavy light-brown hair, she also has blue eyes. Her bust size is large enough for Mikoto to become jealous over. According to Ogino Kentarou, Wannai's bust size is 80.[2]


She is shown to be kind, and is also considerate and forgiving of other's flaws. She is also seen to be respectful towards a senpai, especially towards Mikoto, who she is thankful for saving her.[1] She also has diverse knowledge on swimsuits.[3]


Kinuho and Maaya are often seen together.

She is a Tokiwadai Middle School student, and is part of the swimming team of her school, along with her close friend Awatsuki Maaya. She is also a classmate of Shirai Kuroko.[1] She resides in the School Garden dormitory of Tokiwadai, just like Kinuho.[4]

When she just transferred into Tokiwadai, she was harassed by delinquents and was too afraid to do anything, she was however saved by Misaka Mikoto.[5]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Three Stories Arc

Main article: Three Stories Arc

They appear in the manga during the morning of August 30, just after breakfast. Here, Kinuho tries to get Mikoto's attention but is stopped by Maaya, as she sees Mikoto is in deep thought and should not be bothered (actually thinking about the newest chapter of the manga she is following).[6]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Element Arc

Main article: Element Arc

On December 8th, in the middle of the abnormal heat wave, she was present when Mikoto arrived at School Garden with Kamijou Touma in tow.[7][8] Later that day, she participated in the expedition to destroy the Crystal Tower that was seemingly guiding the Elements.[9]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

Main article: Level Upper Arc}

She appears alongside Maaya, when Shirai Kuroko and Misaka Mikoto were forced to clean the empty pool as punishment. As members of the swimming team they were supposed to check the pool's filtration system, where she meets Mikoto for the first time since she saved her, she quickly shows her gratitude, and along with Maaya is excited by her presence. She later converses with Mikoto and shows-off her powers over water, where Mikoto says it was useful, this however makes Kuroko upset. They leave but returns shortly, where they witness Mikoto electrocuting Kuroko for being perverted, they leave after they see the awkward situation.[1]

In the manga adaptation, they appear only after defeat of the AIM Burst; however in the anime, they appear before the existence of the Level Upper is even confirmed by the city.[5]

Both Maaya and Kinuho appear again in episode 13 of the anime, where they recruit both Kuroko and Mikoto for a swimsuit modeling photoshoot. After many bizarre situations they are given duties to cook curry, however it is revealed that both of them don't know how to cook curry. They later ask Kongou Mitsuko (who lied to everyone that she can cook curry) to teach them; after suffering many inconveniences, Mitsuko finally told them that she does not know how to cook curry, they are somehow forgiving of her and later ask Konori Mii to help them. They were able to cook seafood curry and were able to become friends with Mitsuko.[3]

Poltergeist Arc

Main article: Poltergeist Arc

Kinuho and Maaya alongside Mitsuko.

She and Maaya reappear during the Tokiwadai Midsummer Festival, where it is revealed that they reside in the School Garden dormitory instead of the dormitory where the festival is being held. They were invited by Mitsuko to enjoy the festival. They later see Mikoto's violin performance.[4]

Kinuho later reappears practicing in the swimming pool with other members of the swimming club, Maaya gives her a towel after finishing her swimming and later both state the desire to visit Mitsuko in the hospital she was in (as she was injured by the Poltergeist occurrences in the city).[10]

They appear in the prologue of the anime adaptation, listening on how Mitsuko has apparently solved the Poltergeist Incidents.[11]

Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

Kinuho once again plays a supporting role during the arc. Here, she is first seen with Mitsuko and Maaya. The two girls in the swimming are tasked by their upperclassman, to which Mitsuko readily helps. Later, they come upon a purse snatcher that is easily dispatched by Mitsuko and her Aero Hand. After Mitsuko requests for Kinuho and Maaya to call Anti-Skill, Aritomi Haruki arrives to berate Mitsuko for using her powers. Kinuho and Maaya arrive just in time for Haruki to wow the crowd with his reasoning, they try to make their case but Haruki disappears before they can mount an intelligent discourse.[12]

They later aid their upperclassman again, this time in the Academy City Research Exhibition Assembly venue for the preparation of said assembly. Later, they meet up with Mikoto's group and there make friends with the mysterious girl they brought, Febrie. When Febrie became lost in the venue, the girls participated in her search.[13] Later, when they part ways Mikoto, she and the other two girls see Haruki. Wanting to tell them a piece of their mind, they opt to follow him. Here, they discover that he has a nefarious plot in store for Febrie. Mitsuko upon hearing this, tries to call Mikoto and the other girls but cannot connect with them. She later opts to find them, to which Kinuho and Maaya try to plead to her to take them, though feeling guilty with this, she convinces them let her go. Worried about her, the two later call Mitsuko.[14] They being left out by Mitsuko would serve as a catalyst for Mikoto to eventually ask the aid of her friends against Academy City's Darkness.[15] Mitsuko is later tasked in aiding Mikoto and the others help search for clues regarding the man who wants to reclaim Febrie in the Academic Assembly venue, but this time she brings Kinuho and Maaya along. Mitsuko later reports on their failure to Mikoto. When Mikoto says that they too have not yet found clues regarding the Powered Suit that attacked Febrie, she tells Mikoto that she'll help as well, saying that her father's company has a branch that works on Powered Suits.[15] Apparently having free time from investigating the man who is after Febrie, Mitsuko, Kinuho, and Maaya, go out and buy a new dress for Febrie. They later go to the Judgment 177 Branch Office to see Febrie. There, they are enquired by the girls if they found any clues, and here they are forced to apologize for their failure Mitsuko tries to cheer everyone up by saying that they'll surely find a clue sooner or later. She later presents the gift to Mitsuko with much anxiousness, but becomes happy when Febrie readily accepts it. Thye later sees Febrie swoon as the poison that is accumulating her body is already too much for her to bear. Seeing this, Kazari tries to search for more clues on the computer. Misuko notices this, and when Kazari found a profile of Haruki, Mitsuko points out that he was the one they saw in the Assembly venue, to which Kinuho and Maaya confirms. They later discover Haruki's history with the Assembly.[16]

Kinuho and Maaya later tag along with Mitsuko going to Judgment 177 Branch Office. This is after she checks up on the request to her father's company to investigate on the Powered Suits, to which she is informed that there have been at least 20,000 Powered Suits constructed by the STUDY Corporation. Mitsuko later informs this to the girls at the same time Kazari discovers it as well. After deciding to take on STUDY and the Silent Party without any help at all from Anti-Skill for the sake of Febrie and Janie, Febrie's sister, Kinuho and Maaya decide to help the others along with Mitsuko.[17]

Mitsuko, Kinuho, and Maaya are the vanguard on one of the Assembly venue entrances as the Silent Party begins.[17] They are later joined by a multitude of Judgment members. During the offensive against the Powered Suits controlled by Diffusion Ghost, Kinuho and Maaya show their mettle by teaming up, with Kinuho using her Hydro Hand while Maaya uses her Float Dial. They use their powers to take advantage of the Powered Suit's simplistic AI, drawing their attention as so they can lure it towards Mitsuko, who finishes them off. She later hears that Aritomi Haruki has launched the AIM bomb on Academy City. After the Sisters secretly helped out on the calculations, Kinuho watches as Mitsuko and Maaya do their part in performing the specifications on how to launch the Ekaterina II S into space. With Mitsuko exhausted, she is held up by Kinuho and Maaya as she activates her Aero Hand, launching the mecha into the upper atmosphere, and is used by Mikoto as her ammunition for her Railgun. They later witness the debris of her mecha fall into a shower down on the city.[18]

She briefly reappears on September 2, while looking at the sky together with Maaya and Mitsuko.[18]

Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

Kinuho and Maaya watching a game of tug of war.

Kinuho and Maaya are first seen in the arc watching an intense game of tug-of-war, to which both of them wonders what is like to be angry. Kinuho then asks Maaya to be angry at her, though she fails at this enterprise.[19] They arrive at the grounds for where the Balloon Hunter competition will be taken place, to which they are informed that

Kinuho and Maaya mistook Misaka 10032 for Mikoto.

they cannot find Misaka Mikoto, as she is part of the team for the competition. Kinuho and Maaya later go out and try and find her. Kinuho comes upon Misaka 10032 who somehow ended up in the grounds. Mistaking her for Mikoto, she is relieved to find her. She later lets Misaka 10032 borrow her a P.E. uniform seeing as Misaka 10032 was still in her Tokiwadai school uniform.[19]

Kinuho and Maaya are not seen in the competition and presumably came there to support Tokiwadai Middle School, specifically Kongou Mitsuko who is participating.

Kinuho ask Mikoto about her P.E. uniform.

The next day in the hotel Tokiwadai Middle School is staying in, Kinuho inquires when she can have her P.E. uniform back. This surprises Mikoto but manages to make up an excuse on how she got it dirty and that it was still in the cleaners. She tells Kinuho that she'll just have to get her a new one and deliver it to her room, but Kinuho politely refuses her offer. She later leaves unaware of what is happening.[20]

As the second day of Daihasesai goes on, they are with Mitsuko after her last event. They later come upon Kuroko, Ruiko, and Kazari, not knowing that they had their memories of Mikoto removed by Shokuhou Misaki. Here, Kuroko airs her frustration on Mikoto coming up to her, making an accusation, and then asking them if they were joking. This surprises Mitsuko, Kinuho, and Maaya, wondering if Kuroko and Mikoto had a fight.[21]

Later, after Mitsuko becomes involved in finding where her "sister" is, she later comes upon Kinuho with Misaka 10032's cat, who realizes that the cat Mitsuko is carrying is that of Misaka Mikoto, still unaware of the clones, Mitsuko corrects Kinuho by saying that the cat is that of Mikoto's "sister". Mitsuko explains briefly to Kinuho that Mikoto has asked her to find her missing "sister" and that she found the cat where trouble might have occurred. Kinuho is unsure what is going on but tells Mitsuko that there is a Psychometer who uses animals from Tokiwdai's swimteam and that she might be able to get something out of the cat, and a clue that may lead to finding Mikoto's sister. Unfortunately, Kinuho has left her cellphone back in School Garden and tells Mitsuko to wait for her.[22]

Successfully contacting the Psychometer, they later find that Mitsuko is missing from the meeting point. They apologize to the Psychometer for calling her in vain, to which she says that they could just call her again once they find her. As she leaves, they wonder where Mitsuko could have gone. At this point Ruiko runs into them, to which they ask where Mitsuko is. Ruiko later leads them to the park, where they see their friend on the ground bloody and beaten by Baba Yoshio. Ruiko goes up to Mitsuko's unconscious body and sees what Yoshio has done, becoming enraged. Ruiko asks if it was Yoshio who did this, to which he doesn't deny, still calling Mitsuko trash. Yoshio says that Mitsuko was only doing what she did because Misaka Mikoto asked her to. He mocks her for being a second rate who let others think for them, and even mocks her for even failing at the role she was given. Yoshio says that if they

Wannai and Maaya being angered by Baba Yoshio's action.

have arrived earlier then they would've seen her like the trash she is. Ruiko is at her breaking towards Yoshio's mockery, but before she can do a thing about it, Wannai Kinuho and Awatsuki Maaya steps forward to confront Yoshio. Kinuho asks Ruiko to get Mitsuko and the cat away from the place. Ruiko tries to protest, but she sees the withheld anger of Maaya, saying that if they don't keep the cat safe then all of Mitsuko's efforts would be in vain. And as ss the waters of the artificial lake rumble and tumble about from their tranquil fury, they tell her that they too cannot hold back their anger when their friend has been insulted.[22]

Yoshio using a mosquito as tracking device on Kongou.

Seeing this, Yoshio mocks their feelings as he order his robots to attack Ruiko as she begins carrying Mitsuko. His efforts however are prevented by Kinuho and Wannai's intervention and she manages to get away. Wannai uses her power to make Mitsuko lighter for Ruiko to carry, allowing them to get away. Although angered that Mitsuko got away, he is confident that the Type: Mosquito that injected her with drugs would do it's side role as surveillance well, believing that as long as she can track her he can retrieve her later.[23] With that, Yoshio's Type: Great Dane does battle with Kinuho and Maaya. As battle goes on however, he gets an

Kinuho faces off robots dogs.

unexpected call from Kouzaku Mitori asking if he needs reinforcements, as well as if she could retrieve the clue for him. He declines on both offers, with regards to the latter, Yoshio's reasoning is that he doesn't want Mitori to hog his glory. Ending his call, he begins analyzing Kinuho and Wannai's abilities, believing them to be not at all that powerful individually, but makes up for it with their teamwork. With only a limited number of pawns, Yoshio tries to ruse his way against them. He tells them that he is looking for Misaka Mikoto's sister, and that he would like to have the clue that Wannai and Mitsuko talked about earlier, not knowing it was the cat all along. He offers them one of his Type: Mosquito robots in order to aid Kongou Mitsuko to recover from the effects of the drugs. Seeing this, Maaya believes that Yoshio is not making it up based on the fact that she touched Mitsuko a while ago and she had a fever. The both of them refuse to negotiate with Yoshio, but would take his nanodevice by force. Hearing this, Yoshio takes another but empty case and has one of the Type: Great Danes take it while he hold on to the real one. Maaya makes pursuit for the decay while Kinuho faces off against Yoshio alone. Yoshio begins walking away, intimidating Kinuho to challenge his dogs to get to him. This allows him to analyze her powers even more. Believing Kinuho to only know how to do frontal attacks seeing as how he believes that he analyzed the full extent of her abilities, Yoshio stands back as he watches Kinuho tire herself out.[23] Despite defeating several Type: Great Dane robots, Kinuho is slowly becoming tired and has used up all the water for her Hydro Hand ability against them. Yoshio seeing this asks her what she intends to do now. Not giving up, Kinuho says that she is trained in self-defense and that she will fight him without powers. Yoshio just mocks her however as he reveals the spare Type: Great Danes he has kept hidden. He continues to mock her, making a line on the ground on what he believes to be the maximum range of her Hydro Hand if she still had water with her. With that, Yoshio asks mockingly one what she will do now, and then commands his Type: Great Danes to attack. As they charge, Kinuho tells Yoshio that though he had cleverly analyzed her power, he should pay attention more on the things he

Kinuho trapped Yoshio in pocket of water.

cannot see. There, Kinuho reveals that she had kept water inside one of the undergound drains near them as well as the fact that she can control four clumps of water instead of three. She covers Yoshio's head in sphere of water afterwards. Panicking, he orders the Type: Great Danes to suck up all the water, falling for Kinuho's trap. With the water inside the robots, Kinuho easily destroys from inside-out. In desperation, Yoshio is forced to use the last Type: Mosquito robot that the Professor provided him. With that, Yoshio begins to ramble on in order to distract Kinuho long enough in order for the robot to inject her with drugs. However, he then sees that his Type: Mosquito has fallen and discovers that although it has enough power, it just doesn't get enough lift. There it is revealed that Maaya has acquired the other case, and that she has used her powers on Kinuho to put the bouyancy around her to zero, revealing her powers to be Float Dial.[23]

Kinuho slapped Yoshio.

Confronted by the two angry girls, Yoshio begs for mercy, telling them that he was only hired to do what he needed to do, as well as point out the location of the Type: Mosquito he just used. Having none of it, Kinuho slaps him. She then says that his scorn for trust and relationships comes from not having anyone trust in him, and that it is the result of looking down on others and closing his heart to them. Finally, she warns him that if he doesn't accept his comrades and do not meet them halfway then one one will save him. With those words uttered, Yoshio runs off into a nearby storage facility, where he keeps his mecha.[23]

With the problem with Yoshio resolved they later go back to the hospital where Mitsuko is being held. Ruiko, who is waiting for Kinuho to report on Mitsuko's condition asks who the Queen is, to which Maaya says is Shokuhou Misaki, and that the girls of her clique call her the Queen. Ruiko recognizes her name as the esper who can manipulate memories. Kinuho then comes back and reports on how Mitsuko has no external wounds that are likely to give her scars and that the nanodevice will be sent to a specialty facility. And with that, the only thing they need to do is to discover the secrets the cat holds.[24]

Calling the animal psychometry girl from Tokiwadai again, she says that her power allows her to pick up fragments of the cat's qualia. So she says it is not like she can communicate with it, but she can understand aspects of what happened that the cat could not. Using her powers on the cat in the time around midday yesterday, she begins to see what the cat saw. She finds the location and sees Misaka 10032's body collapsed on the ground, as well as Keitz and Misaki, though she does not recognize them especially Misaki for she is far away from the cat's view. She tells them of their conversation, and then finally something that Ruiko recognizes: "What happened to Auribus oculi fideliores sunt?"[24]

Kinuho says that it is Latin meaning "Believe more in what you see that what you hear", and makes Maaya wonder if it is a code. The session ends as the girl says that the cat's attention turned elsewhere. After thanking her, Kinuho tells Ruiko to contact Mikoto as since Mitsuko is incapacitated it would be better if Mikoto knew what has been discovered as soon as possible, With that the two thanks Ruiko, and tells her that they will be in Mitsuko's hospital room.[24]

Both Kinuho and Maaya likely kept watch by Mitsuko's side until she was able to recover in the waning days of the Daihaseisai. Kinuho and Maaya are in the same team with Kirifu Megumi for the cavalry battle game. Kinuho is held up by the Maaya, Megumi, and another Tokiwadai Middle School student, Here, Maaya uses her powers on Kinuho in order to make her lighter. Kinuho's lightness is noted by Megumi, not knowing what Kinuho had done.[25]

Dream Ranker Arc

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

Wannai made a brief appearance in Yumiya Rakko's dream, where Kongou declined Matsunoyama Shigemi's offer to become an idol.[26]

Jailbreaker Arc

Main article: Jailbreaker Arc
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Other Appearances

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA

While Shirai Kuroko comes to Kongou Mitsuko and Awatsuki Maaya to investigate about the "Someone's watching " situation, Wannai is present at the time. Wannai explains to Shirai along with Maaya about how one of their elders in the swim club is being stalked.[27]

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

She, Maaya, and Mitsuko are together in the night, where she is amazed by Mitsuko being chosen to be Mikoto's partner for the three-legged race in the Daihaseisai. She later witnesses Marie, Mallybath and Jane kidnapping Arisa, and most likely helped out Index whose hands and mouth are frozen.[28]


She is a level 3 Hydro Hand (水流操作ハイドロハンド Suiryū Sōsa (Haidoro Hando)?, lit. "Water Current Manipulation") and it is shown to control small amounts of water in a way to form a miniature waterspout.[1]

In her combination battle with Maaya against Baba Yoshio's robots, it is shown that she requires a body of water to use her powers, and once it is scattered on the ground she will not be able to make use of it.[23] Kinuho can only control four separate clumps of water at the same time, though it is shown she has great difficulty for every clump she tries to control. Furthermore, once she controls water, she can still control it despite being out of her sight, or taken inside a container. Her ability's maximum range is 18 meters and the maximum water volume she can control is 400 liters.[29]

Character Art Designs



  • "Boys are frightening..."-Kinuho in a flashback.[5]
  • "Girls are also frightening..."-Kinuho after witnessing Mikoto's torture of Kuroko.[5]


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