Wash (ワッシュ Wasshu?) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is one of the two co-pilots of Sky Bus 365. During the terrorist incident of October 17 of the current year of the timeline, he and his colleague Richmond, piloted the plane while their captain handled with the situation.


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He is first seen along with his captain and Richmond, when they receive word and later confirmation that there is a terrorist threat with the plane.[1]

They later continue flying the plane after the captain leaves to deal with Kamijou Touma and his ordeal with the terrorist. Later, the captain later orders for Richmond to handle the flight alone as he orders Wash to deliver to him Archery as so he can use it against the terrorist and Touma after the latter became to uncontrollable after he begins hunting the terrorist down.[2] Wash later brings the Archery to the captain and returns to the cockpit.

Later, after Touma activates an alarm to force oxygen masks from the ceiling in order to unnerve the terrorists, the captain inquires what is happening, to which Richmond says it is from the switches outside of the cockpit. As Richmond speaks to the captain, Wash continues piloting the plane. Richmond then asks for the captain to return to the cockpit, which he acquiesces.[3] The fuel gauge returns to normal after an interference from Scotland, allowing for the pilots not doing an emergency landing.

The captain, Wash, and Richmond are in the cockpit when they see a Royal Air Force transport plane fly dangerously close to the plane, and later when Stiyl Magnus spreads his rune cards into the air to use against the second terrorist Eiker Lugoni.[4]


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