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Watanabe (綿辺 Watanabe?) is a minor character introduced Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as an aged teacher in Tokiwadai Middle School.


Watanabe has an appearance of a kind elderly woman, who still shows an air of austere dignification with how she presents herself. Her countenance shows her advance age, through the wrinkles and various contours.

These aged appearance is furthered by how her tied hair pulls up her hairline, as well as her wearing oval glasses.


Not much is shown, however, she is shown to have great concern and kindness towards her students, especially that of Misaka Mikoto's caliber.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Level Upper Arc[]

Main article: Level Upper Arc

She appears unnamed during the first arc, here, she lectures with regards to Esper powers, and makes Mikoto an example as an example of a person who has climbed up in the levels through training, while thunderous sounds of explosions ring out as Mikoto participates in a System Scan.[1]

In the anime adaptation, she conducts a telekinesis test on a Tokiwadai Middle School student.[2]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)

She reappears again during the Daihasei Festival's committee's attempts in recruiting Mikoto in for demonstrations. She however, refuses to allow Mikoto to participate, reasoning that since she has become the center of attention, many rumors have spread regarding Mikoto, mostly centered around facts such as Mikoto kicking A Certain Vending Machine, chasing Kamijou Touma, or at least centering her clone's activities. She also references the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA.[3]

Later, during the start of the festivities, she talks with Tsukuyomi Komoe, regarding choosing Shokuhou Misaki as the representative Level 5 for demonstrations instead of Mikoto.[4] She reappears alongside with the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor, talking about the first loss of Tokiwadai, and on how they should punish the students who didn't want to get dirty during the competition.[5] She reappears in the second day, escorting Mikoto back with her fellow students after her outbursts with a memory-altered paramedics regarding her clone. Mikoto tries to tell her that Shokuhou Misaki is abusing her powers, but could not fully divulge the reasons, because she would have talk about her clones. Regardless, Watanabe disregards her concerns and leaves her with the Queen's faction's attention. It is later revealed that she is being fully controlled by Misaki.[6]

Other appearances[]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA[]

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA

Watanabe (seen in the far back) lecturing Mikoto.

Watanabe is seen from afar in a classroom giving a lecture during one of Mikoto's paranoia attacks. She is surprised by Mikoto's sudden outbursts, noting how it is very unlike her, but tells her it is fine and simply sit down.[7]


  • Although appearing in the very first chapter of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, she isn't named until several chapters later in Chapter 44.[4]



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