Wax Magic refers to magic that uses wax for spells.


Wax dollEdit

The most famous usage of wax in magic is folklore-related, the cursed doll. Here, the user puts hair or a fingernail of their target inside a wax doll, which would then allow them to remotely attack their target by damaging the doll with a pin. A form of Infection Magic, the wax doll's sorcery is similar to the Ushi no Koku Mairi.[1]

Corpse waxEdit

Hand of GloryEdit

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The usage of corpse wax have countless legends in folklore, one of which is the idea of the Hand of Glory, a candlestick created out of a prisoner's arm once it turned to corpse wax. This would then invite good fortune.[2]

Necessarius Underground Labyrinth corpse waxEdit

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Necessarius, and likely the Dusk Waiting to Awaken as well, makes use of corpse wax that changes form in their labyrinth during their test for new recruits. According to Freadia Strikers, the corpse wax was made by mixing a witch's potion into corpse wax taken from prisoners. Moreover, they were created to attack any life force they detected in their territory. To increase its accuracy it then identifies a specific target by taking in blood from the target and making a connection with their life force.[1] Tsushima also conjectures that since the corpse wax was taken from the dead, it may have also incorporated a method of having the dead attack the living.[1]

According to Freadia, the corpse wax is allowed to attempt to kill their because they would be unhappy if they aren't allowed to.[2] Freadia boasts that the corpse wax they use doesn't have a weak point and can simply change form no matter how much they are destroyed.[2] The corpse wax is colored blood red.

Due to the connection it has with the target's life force that was made through the target's blood, it allows the corpse wax to detect the changes in the flow of that power, making it able to read its target's defense and evasion patterns and produce an attack that slipped through the gaps. As such interrupting that flow of power like severing it or moving it would destroy the corpse wax's form, making them unable to regroup and change form.[1]

Below are the forms it has taken:

  • It's first form, referred to as Corpse Wax Gear (屍蝋の歯車 Shirō no Haguruma?), is just as it is described: it is a gear made of wax. The gear is 50 centimeters thick and with a diameter of 3 meters. With this appearance, even a magician of Itsuwa's caliber can confuse the corpse wax having the motif of the breaking wheel.[3] The gears rotate allowing it to move on its own, and can be fast when doing so.[3]
  • When it was melted by Itsuwa's spell that mimicked the bright light of the sun after she assumed that the gear incorporated aspects from an ancient sacrificial ritual for the sun, it began changing form. It is unknown if its melting was required for it to be able to transform.[2] Regardless, when it began changing form to something that looks like a large flower with dozens to hundreds of sharp protruding petals several meters long that can be compared to that of a guillotine and an iron maiden. It can attack by clamping or swallowing its target.[2]
  • After the previous form was able to draw blood from Itsuwa it began changing form again, now referred to as its "true form".[1] It returns to being a sticky mass like it was when Itsuwa first melted it. It then changes into the form of the person where it drew its blood from, along with the weapon that person carries. This form allows the corpse wax to move like a human. A form of Infection Magic like a cursed doll, after taking in its target's blood it can carry out attack that are guaranteed to bring death to the target. All of its attacks will reach the target even if they have seen it as if they are unable to respond, though it can be stayed through intervention like with what Tsushima did, blocking the wax's attack on Itsuwa. Moreover, Tsushima proclaims that even if the attack could easily be handled by anyone else, the target can never escape from it. This would mean that the target can be killed in a single blow from the wax. Finally, the corpse wax can take in more blood from other people, allowing it to have more than one targets at a time. It is unknown however what form it takes when it has taken in more than one source of blood.[1]


The Amakusa Christians are later able to successfully analyze with the aid of some of the members of the Dusk Waiting to Awaken magicians they have defeated. This allowed to them to create a wax doll of Flack Anchors, or more appropriately a wax suit. This allowed Itsuwa to "wear" it and pretend to be unconscious. So perfect was this creation that Necessarius personnel assigned to collect the bodies of the defeated Dusk Waiting to Awaken were completely fooled, allowing Itsuwa to sneak into Sword Sanctuary.[4]


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