The White Beetles (白いカブトムシ Shiroi Kabutomushi?) or Dark Matter Beetles are Rhinoceros Beetles created from Dark Matter by the original Kakine Teitoku.

Currently appearing only in the 6th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel volume, they were created by Kakine to hunt down Fräulein Kreutune and make the city safe while he battles Accelerator.[1] However, due to his ambiguous command as well as Takitsubo Rikou's AIM Stalker, one of them broke free from Kakine Teitoku's control and eventually replaced him.[2]


The Original Kakine Teitoku, he used his Dark Matter to create large autonomous beetles based on the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, for reasons apparently known only to himself.

The beetles are 15 meters long,[3] which would make it as least 8 meters in width when corelating it with the average dimensions of a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle. Like their master, the beetles are colored white due to being formed from Dark Matter.[3] Their shape retains the look of a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, though its surface shows off a smooth luster like that of a new car.[3] Their eyes let out a green color when they are functioning properly,[3] but turn red when an error occurs to them.[4]

Like real beetles, they also have wings, which they can open up from their armors. They are large and thin, folded up for their backs.[3]


Beetle 05

Beetle 05, the rogue beetle. Red eyes indicate an error within the beetle's operations.

The beetles were created through the use of his Dark Matter. Using ejections points for his power, Kakine Teitoku, the beetles can all wield the power he distributes evenly.[3] All the beetles are connected to Kakine's "network,"[5] where he has some form of control over them. This connection allows the beetles to regenerate their Dark Matter when they are injured.[6] Moreover, even if a beetle leaves the control of Kakine, a weak connection is still present. However, because of this, the rogue beetle can form its own small network,[2] and even take control of Kakine Teitoku. This is what happened to Beetle 05, who took over after defining himself as Kakine Teitoku different to the one who created him, making it ironic that the ability that allowed him to be utterly un-killable was the same thing that made his undoing.

At the point where he created the beetles, Kakine did not have the ability to create Personal Realities yet, as such, he created the beetles like they were cyborgs.[3] The beetles operate as such, and have functionalities similar to them, like green eyes that turn red when an error occurs.[4] Since they are designed to be like cyborgs, it would explain their analytical prowess and logic-based thinking. They are autonomous, and can make decisions on their own, and if needs be, can request assistance from the other beetles, as what happened with Beetle 05 before breaking loose from Kakine's control.[1] Moreover, when following orders, though they work as a group, they would destroy their comrades if they get in the way of the mission, as what with Beetle 05 after he breaks free from Kakine's control.[7] Furthermore, they will not hesitate to attack other beetles if they are the target, as what with them when they determined that they are the "dangerous elements" in Academy City that they should stop.[1]

However, if the orders are ambiguous, there is a likelihood that the beetles would interpret the orders differently. According to Kihara Yuiitsu, it could be a form of narrowing of ideas down.[8] This is what happened with all the beetles, most especially Beetle 05, when the were ordered several contradicting commands.[1]


  • Regeneration: All the beetles still connected to the Original Kakine Teitoku has the ability to regenerate their Dark Matter, apparently indefinitely.
  • Detection: The bodies of the beetles are equipped with an organic antenna that uses the structure of the ampullae of Lorenzini that sharks use to find their prey.[9]
  • Wings:
    • Flight: Using their wings, the beetles can lift their large bodies off the ground and fly.
    • Speech: By vibrating their wings at high speed, they can convey their thoughts in human language and speak,[10] or if the Original Kakine Teitoku need to, his own voice through the beetles.[3]
    • Levitation of objects: By vibrating his wings in a certain amplitude, Beetle 05 could allow certain things, like things as small as Last Order and Fremea Seivelun to levitate.[11] It is unknown if the other beetles can accomplish this feat.
  • Cannon: The beetles' horns are cannons that can fire Dark Matter shells on targets, apparently exploding on impact. It does not use gun powder; it does not smoke when fired.[3] Instead, it uses a spring system to fire the shells. The shells detonate by breaking the hardened outer coating with sponge springs, as such, their acoustic effect is only 36% to 50% than that of a normal shell, making it unfeasible to weaponize the shockwaves generated by the shell on impact. Moreover, the shells are unable to destroy other beetles.[11]


  • The original design for the White Beetles, specifically for Beetle 05's illustration on the 6th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index's contents page, was done by Kiya Shii.[12]


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