White Player (ホワイトプレイヤー Howaito Pureiyā?) is the apparent name of a character that appears at the end of the storyline of Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP game. He is a Gemstone able to manipulate the future and is the player character of the story.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP gameEdit

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He is a gemstone from the past that came to Kamijou Touma and the other's present time. In the beginning of the story he was unable to manipulate the most recent time on his own, though became considerably able to interfere with the future in the present time, his capacity growing little by little. Eventually, it can be assumed that he would be able to manipulate the past directly himself. Furthermore, the Red Player, who's ability is of the same type from his age, apparently slipped into an opening to the present day more than 2000 years across.[1]

Through the eyes of a third party the true colors of Kamijou, Accelerator, Amakusa Christians, Sasha, and Mugino Shizuri's stories are seen. However, due to too much spying on the present, he, a man from the past, has forgotten he is but a mere bystander. He sees the story in a new light, and his consciousness awakens.[1]

He is however, approached by the Red Player for cooperation instead of their abilities coming into conflict with each other. He replies, that "(he) doesn't know what would become of the present," and is forced to contend against a puppet Kamijou Touma. After preventing the Red Player's meddling with time, he voluntarily asks Touma for the negation of his own abilities. With his request granted, and returned to his original timeline, the past.[1]


It is not completely known on what principle is time manipulation poweres entail, though it is obviously powerful if it allowed to go forward in time. Furthermore, it had the unusual property of being able to completely disabled by Touma's right hand.[1]


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