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White Spring logo

White Spring logo.

White Spring Holdings (ホワイトスプリングホールディングス Howaitosupuringu Hōrudingusu?) is a company which owns many convenience stores and import supermarkets.[1]


Not much is known about White Spring, other than the fact it owns many convenience stores and imported goods supermarkets. The company is owned by Shirai Kuroko's family.[2][1][3]

One of the company's properties is the White Springs Shopping Center (ショッピングセンター・ホワイトスプリング Shoppingusentā Howaitosupuringu?) in Academy City, a well-known mall described as like a department store and supermarket fused together, allowing one to buy anything from food to a wedding ring.[4]

The company is running tests towards automated convenience stores.[3] It also recently had a deal where a customer could order a printed garment online and receive it via delivery service in less than half an hour.[5]

The marketing department helped design Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform.[2]

Kick Scooter

A White Springs kick scooter, of the kind used by delivery workers in Shibuya.

In Shibuya, White Springs employs part-time workers delivering food, providing rental kick scooters for transportation.[6][7] There are stations for the kick scooters in multiple places, described as small boxy structures similar to unmanned convenience stores, which also accept synthetic backpacks used by delivery workers and have a vending machine-sized unit in a corner which a worker holds their phone up to and receives tokens, cheap-looking gold coins resembling toy coins or casino chips, which are then traded for cash at convenience store or drugstore. According to Kumokawa Seria, the idea is likely to have people circulating bits of ordinary plastic as though they had value, an investment apparently meant to eventually allow a small number of private companies to take control of the currency system away from the world's governments. She also remarked how White Spring's lack of tradition makes them less reluctant to try bold new ideas.[7]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Element Arc[]

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NT Index v16 006-008

The Kamisato Faction in the shopping center during the heat wave.

During the heat wave, the Kamisato Faction occupied the White Springs Shopping Center while seeking out Kihara Yuiitsu and preparing their counterattack.[4][8]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Operation Handcuffs Arc[]

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GT Index v03 063

Kuroko and Rakuoka at one of White Spring's convenience stores

Shirai Kuroko and Rakuoka Houfu visited one of White Spring's convenience stores while en route to an Anti-Skill station during the first phase of Operation Handcuffs.[3]

New Year's Eve Arc[]

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On December 31st, when Kamijou Touma went to Shibuya for a part-time job and money to survive until January 4th, he ended up doing food deliveries for White Springs using one of their kick scooters, with Index and Kumokawa Seria renting their own ones to accompany him.[6][7]