White Spring Holdings (ホワイトスプリングホールディングス Howaitosupuringu Hōrudingusu?) is a company which owns many convenience stores and import supermarkets.[1]


Not much is known about White Spring, other than the fact it owns many convenience stores and imported goods supermarkets. Shirai Kuroko is apparently connected in some way to the company.[1]

One of the company's properties is the White Springs Shopping Center (ショッピングセンター・ホワイトスプリング Shoppingusentā Howaitosupuringu?) in Academy City, a well-known mall described as like a department store and supermarket fused together, allowing one to buy anything from food to a wedding ring.[2]


NT Index v16 006-008

The Kamisato Faction during the heat wave.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Element ArcEdit

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During the heat wave, the Kamisato Faction occupied the White Springs Shopping Center while seeking out Kihara Yuiitsu and preparing their counterattack.[2][3]


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