Wimbledon (Anime)

Exterior of the Wimbledon

The Wimbledon (ウィンブルドン Winburudon?) is a destroyer-type warship operated by the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. It is equipped with Bunker Cluster warheads.


Wimbledon is a district of southwest London, home to the oldest tennis tournament in the world, commonly known by the same name.


If Carissa's boasts are to be believed, the ship is equipped with radars and anti-air defense weapons that can detect and intercept foreign objects at that level of accuracy that can allow them to attack seagulls.[1]

The ship is equipped with the Bunker Cluster missiles, and combined with its accurate firing capabilities makes it a very powerful weapon. It is apparently capable of preparing at least 24 cruise missiles loaded with bunker cluster warheads.[2]


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Wimbledon is first mentioned during the Battle of Buckingham Palace after the Anglican Church forces' attack on Carissa using a combination of Villian's magic arrowhead and the Coven Compass' large-scale flash spell destroyed the remaining Griffin Sky mobile fortresses that Carissa deployed earlier in the battle. Carissa orders Wimbledon, at that time patrolling the Strait of Dover to fire at Buckingham Palace using the Bunker Cluster warheads, which it does so, nearly wiping out the Anglican Church forces if not for Kanzaki Kaori creating a large magic barrier around the area.[3] After the first missile was fired, Carissa once again orders Wimbledon to make preparations in firing another cruiser missile equipped with a Bunker Cluster.[3] It later fires again, though this missile is however stopped by the Knight Leader using his magic.[2]

Later, after the Knight Leader decided to join forces with the Anglican Church, Carissa threatens to have, not only Wimbledon, to fire the cruise missiles equipped Bunker Cluster missiles, but the other destroyers, King Henry VII (キングヘンリー7?), Sherwood (シャーウッド?), Hastings (ヘイスティング?), and Shakespeare (シェイクスピア?), as well, totaling in 80 bunker clusters. Her orders are prevented from reaching the ships after Acqua of the Back arrives and destroys an antenna used for military transmissions.[2]


  • As the destroyer is owned by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, it likely uses the ship prefix HMS, as such its full name is likely HMS Wimbledon.
  • The Pennant number of the Wimbledon is D35 in the anime adaptation.[4] The HMS Dragon has same pennant number.


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