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Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle (ウィンザー城 Winzā Jō?) is a stronghold in England in the county of Berkshire outside of London, near the town of Windsor. It is the secondary royal residence of the British Royal Family. It is mostly used for parties, while Buckingham Palace is used for meetings,[1] though is powerful enough to be classified as a stronghold-level defensive barrier that is not less than Index's Walking Church.[2]


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According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, the strength of Windsor Castle is not less than that of Index's Walking Church, and is strong enough to defend, at least partially, its inhabitants from a Grand Magic like Angel Fall, similar to Southwark Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.[2] The castle also has magic locks that can be placed on doors, one of which is extremely high level and worthy of guarding the royal family.[3] Queen of Honors are also employed in the castle.[3]

Windsor Castle also contains a large room where crests are displayed like Buckingham Palace, though in the castle, it does not hold any magical meaning.[4] The castle also holds an underground large-scale interrogation facility for magicians in its basement.[5]

One of the castle's defensive measures are mandrakes which are planted around the grounds.[6] They are carrot-like plants with a split end, a pattern resembling a human face and eyes on their roots.[6][7] Born from a sinner's bodily fluids and mass-produced in a greenhouse,[6][7] the mandrakes are used like anti-personnel landmines since the medicinal ingredient couldn't be extracted properly.[6] When triggered, they shoot up out of the ground before emitting a high-pitched scream, the vibrations of which pass from the inner ear and rupture the hearts of living beings within range.[6][7]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

British Royal Family Arc

Main article: British Royal Family Arc

Laura Stuart and Elizard in one of Windsor Castle's rooms, prior to being detained by the knights

When Elizard's daughter, Carissa, retrieves the Curtana Original and takes control of the Knights of England and starts a coup d'état, she and along with Archbishop Laura Stuart are detained in Windsor Castle.[3]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Kamijou Arc

Main article: Kamijou Arc

Following the battle against Coronzon, a celebratory party was held at the castle, which was abruptly ended when it was revealed that someone was usurping Kamijou Touma's identity. Due to these circumstances, as well as manipulation and coercion by the other Touma, a battle occurred between the original Touma's group and the people at the castle.[8]

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