A Witch (魔女 Majou?) is a term simply used to describe certain magic users who have been active in England throughout its history. They are part of the cause why the anti-magical culture of England has developed unnaturally and thus the reason why Necessarius was created.[1] From their persecution, it could be inferred that some of their magic practices defy the teachings of the church, even though it has been stated that their magic doesn't come from unnatural rituals such as cooking unbaptized babies nor something along those lines.[2]


There are certain traditions and beliefs that have been carried by witches or held concerning them in the past. An example would be the belief that the devil residing in women's hair.[3]

Although witches are generally female, they are apparently some male witches.[4]


As an organization, it has been shown that the witches count with proper installations and proper magic practices to their group.

  • Coven Compass (カヴン=コンパス?): A large mobile flying fortress that hovers for about 20 meters on top of the ocean, the mobile fortress is a giant disk made of stone with a diameter of 200 meters and thickness of 10 meters. The top of the disk had sharp lines running in each direction from the center which resemble an actual compass. The top of the fortress is the firing device for the large-scale flash spell that can be used to "fry" invaders, furthermore the fortress is constructed with several defensive measures to prevent anti-flying spells from knocking it down.[2]
  • Magic Potion (魔女の薬 Majou no Kusuri?, lit. Witch's Potion): A potion made of different magical plants that can imbue flying abilities to objects like broomsticks by covering them in the potion, though witches can also apply it to their own bodies.[2][5]
  • Broomsticks: A common witch tool, it can be used to fly if applied with a magic potion.[2][5][3] Witches can also use it as a weapon. A fire-like light is lit at the end of the broomstick before shooting a ray of light.[2]
  • Communication spiritual items: Witches use spiritual items to communicate their thoughts at high speed.[2]
  • Ocean control spell: During their battle with the Knights of England, Smartvery commented it would be fun if they took them out with an ocean control spell.[2]


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Historical persecution, misinformation, witch hunts

At the time of the Golden Dawn, there were old witch lodges around who felt their place in the world had been taken by the cabal.[6]

During World War II, witches apparently danced in midwinter forests until they froze to death in an attempt to delay the Third Reich's invasion.[7]


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Witches Marie Spearhead, Mallybath Blackball, and Jane Elves, under the command of Stiyl Magnus, go on a mission to retrieve Meigo Arisa and does battle against Shutaura Sequenzia and her Black Crow Unit. By the climax of the movie, they align themselves with Kamijou Touma's intentions and help prevent the Endymion space elevator from crashing down to earth by releasing its explosive bolts. They later hear the Miracle of Endymion caused by the singing of Arisa and Shutaura as they merge back together. Stiyl carries all three witches as the elevator begins moving.[8][9]

They later visit and scold Stiyl for the danger he puts himself in as he recovers back in England.[8]

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Toaru Majutsu no Index III E12 01m 26s

The witches preparing to fire on the knights.

They are formerly introduced as one of the organizations that the Knights of England try to hunt during Carissa's coup d'etat, in that opportunity they could quickly dispatch 100 members to repel their attackers, it should be noted that the "group" of the witches was simply referenced as Witches (魔女たち Majou-tachi?).[2]

After fighting off the knights, Kanzaki Kaori mentioned on how Necessarius contacted the witches, requesting their assistance in weakening the Curtana Original.[10] The witches for their part complied and after the joint operation Carissa lost half of the power that the Curtana gave her and the Knights of England pretty much lost their Telesma boost.[11]

After damaging Curtana's power the Witches moved their mobile fortress outside England borders for the objective of launching a remote attack on the Buckingham palace.[12] The target was at 500 kilometers and the actual estimated "effective" range of their Coven Compass was of approximately 330 km; yet regardless of that difference the attack was successful. The attack was meant to provide enough distraction, as to hamper Carissa's possibilities of doing an open counterattack on the rebel forces that would try to sneak into the palace.[13] It should be noted that the attack on Buckingham Palace was actually authorized and made with the consent of the third princess Villian.

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During the invasion of the United Kingdom by the Crowley's Hazards, witches were among the groups stationed on the frontline, attempting to stop the enemies crossing the Strait of Dover from landing.[14]

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