Toaru Majutsu no Index II E20 21m 19s

Tsuchimikado Motoharu discovering the plans of the Roman Catholic Church.

Wooden Stake Magic (木の杭の魔術 Ki no Kui no Majutsu?) is a spell that was to be used by the Roman Catholic Church against Academy City during the invasion of Academy City, specifically, to skewer the masses who has fallen unconscious due to Vento of the Front's Divine Punishment.[1]


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The caster of Wooden Stake Magic

Based on a theory of the Pythagorean Order from before Christ in Greece, the caster sets themselves up like a hand of a sundial, where his shadow his separated into twelve pieces to correspond to each hour on a clock. The caster glowing unnaturally may be the reason for this separation. The shadows may have been the key to activating the magic because each of them was continually growing and contracting according to some kind of instructions. Most likely, each hour has some symbolic meaning if the caster chooses: "Three indicates the heavens, four indicates the earth, and twelve indicates the world," when it was setup by the magician. According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu by giving meaning to a certain number, the magician is able to work in in units of "vast amounts". This is most likely indicates the number of stakes that can be used in the spell. The caster can fire several shots of wooden stakes at once. Furthermore, seven stakes are then set-up as cores of the spell. If an opposing magician, like Motoharu, wants to seal the spell the magician needs to find the seven stakes acting as the core of the spell by destroying one of them.[1]

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Motoharu jumps into a sea of stakes.

The stakes are over three meters long and have a diameter of fifteen centimeters. They are made from the windmill palm. Windmill palm was a wood that represented "blessings". Using that characteristic, it was possible to give it the ability to slip past defenses that would otherwise hold it back or repel it. If Motoharu were to use a defensive magic, it would've been recognized as a "blessing" and can easily pass through his defenses.[1]

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