Xiaolong Harvard (シャオロン=ハルヴァード Shaoron Haruvuādo?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a private stationed at Pearl Harbor. Although no official translation has been given for his name, fan translation have his name translated as Xiaolong, making him Chinese-American.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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He was stationed at Pearl Harbor, and along with Martin Flowers, Elute Lux, and other marines, successfully evacuated the third marine base after it fell during the Siege of Pearl Harbor. He is one of the 200 marines of Pearl Harbor to volunteer for Roseline Krackhart to search for Lindy Blueshake to turn the tide of the invasion.[1] Among the named marines introduced by Martin to Roseline, he is the lowest of rank.

He is most likely, later deployed right after Lindy Blueshake was found by the President in the Battle of Napali Coast, and allows his unit to use the Cutter shells to stop the President for negotiations.[2] Later, with the President, Lindy Blueshake, Hamazura Shiage, and Leivinia Birdway, they agree to regroup with Roseline Krackhart to create a compromise than use Lindy Blueshake as a card against Olay Blueshake, the financier of Trident, the mercenary force that began the invasion.[3]

He may have been with the group that attacked Cinesic Evers' base of commands in Nohili Port later, though it is unknown if he survived.[4]


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