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Yakumi Hisako's hospital is a hospital located in School District 13. It is apparently as an anti-terrorism trap, lured with the prospect that Yakumi Hisako, member of the Academy City Board of Directors, living in it.[1] Moreover, not only is it a hospital but a facility used to manufacture new assassination methods and test it on humans.[2]


To prepare for worst case scenarios, different universities had built large hospitals in the district. The hospital is "officially" known as a detached part of a university, though it is not known which university it is "officially" a part of. In actuality, operated for the sake of a single patient, Yakumi Hisako. It would treat over 500 patients every day, but all of those were handled by the hospital’s "excess" ability.[1]

Like any regular hospital, it contains an emergency power supply, which immediately restores power if the regular power source is cut-off. Power however, is diverted first to the most important equipment first.[1] The hospital is labyrinthine in structure and has hidden rooms,[1] most likely to fool attacks from terrorists, as well as to keep hidden the facilities that are questionable in nature.

As part of the protocol, at the event of an attack, apparently Hisako is to evacuate the hospital. There are hidden passageways for Hisako to use to shorten this process, such as a secret elevator shaft that leads directly to the underground parking garage.[1]

Unlike other hospitals however, this hospital contains unusual equipment and facilities. It had a large electric furnace that could surely and swiftly dispose of bodies carrying dangerous viruses, it had nanotech pharmaceutical production devices that could do work on a level more minute than the membranes and valves of organs. The explanation given for their appearance in the hospital is that is because of its "university connections." In reality, these facilities and equipment were used to create new assassination methods as well to conduct experiments on humans.[2]

The hospital is also the location where all 40 of the hypothalami of persons that could operate Rensa are kept.[3]

Notable Rooms

  • Critical Pathogen Specimen Freezer (危機的病原菌検体保管庫?): It is a freezer found in basement floor 5 of the hospital, as its name states, is the freezer where dangerous pathogen specimens are frozen. It is here that Tsuchimikado Motoharu steals the highly virulent bacteria Wildcard coccus.
  • Planning Room (設計室?): It is a secret room where Hisako could relax and feel at ease. This is was Hisako's base of operations for the Agitate Halation Project.[2]

List of Notable Staff

List of Notable Patients

Name Nickname by Rensa 028 Notes
Akinai Wrinkly-san [2]
Enzu Fatty-chan [2]
Kevin Mister Psychedelic [2]
N/A Mr. Gerascophobia Rensa had test result for him.[1]
N/A “I am fat because of a fried
chicken conspiracy”-chan
Rensa had a treatment schedule for her.[1]
N/A Clean-Freak Princess She had a complaint to the hospital.[1]