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Yugure Kanaria (夕暮金糸雀ゆうぐれかなりあ Yūgure Kanaria?) is a second-year student of Tokiwadai Middle School and a member of the school's newspaper club.[1]


Kanaria's name (金糸雀) is named after the canary, a small bird belonging to the finch family.


Kanaria has long hip-length flaxen hair, with bangs cut straight across.[2][3] As a student of Tokiwadai, she wears the school's uniform, with triple roll socks.[3]


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Contrary to her dangerous power,[2][4] Kanaria is a nice person, described as easygoing and peaceful,[2] a stickler for keeping promises and possessing a strong sense of justice.[2][4]

Kanaria has a tendency to refer to people with the names of birds, with her friends and classmates calling her Canary-chan/Canary-san in return.[2][3]


Kanari once tried to join Judgment, but her "super slow-motion curse" meant she apparently failed the physical exam.[2] She did however join Tokiwadai's newspaper club.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (light novel)[]

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On the day of the entrance exams for School Garden, Kanaria was meant to met up with her younger sister Tsumebakei who had come for the exams but called her to say she was searching for something, which she couldn't let someone find out she was searching for, promising to meet up when she was done.[2] Below the artificial forest, one of the Lost Pieces, Kanaria ended up discovering the underground foundation and factory which had been secretly constructed by Resanerié Sadis Dialine for her independence plot, as well as some inconvenient facts the conspirators wished to hide. She was subsequently attacked, trapped and left for dead, though she managed to copy the data to her digital voice recorder.[2][3][5][6]

Having learned that Kanaria was missing from her younger sister,[7][2] Misaka Mikoto (one of Kanaria's classmates) and her friends searched the Lost Pieces and tracing her steps,[2][8] managed to find her just as Resanerié put her plan into action and School Garden became airborne.[3]

While Mikoto was fighting elsewhere, Kanaria and the others took shelter inside one of the food trucks present for the event of the entrance exams. She was reunited with her sister when Shokuhou Misaki brought Tsumebakei to them, and afterwards, divulged what she had discovered underground and the secret that Resanerié was trying to hide - that the factories could not actually produce enough food to sustain School Garden's population.[5]

As Uiharu Kazari prepared to access the intranet and publicly reveal the data Kanaria had found, Resanerié's servants came to stop them.[9] In the clash which followed, Kanaria used her ability to catch up with Renka Ephilty's high speed glide as she attempted to take out Shokuhou, causing the maid to spin out and crash, while tangling her in a harmless slime mold to prevent her from sustaining major injuries.[4]


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Kanaria's ability is Level 3 Micro Dying (完全消毒ミクロダイイング Kanzen Shōdoku (Mikuro Daiingu)?, lit. "Complete Disinfection"), a dangerous power which allows her to selectively kill microorganisms at a touch.[2][4] Her power means she does not need a hazmat suit or a mask to protect her against germs.[2]

She could potentially touch a person's belly to wipe out their intestinal bacteria,[2] removing the protection of the benign symbiotic microbes which keep a person healthy,[2][6] or scatter killer viruses or similar biological weapons while remaining unharmed, though her personality means she would never take such an action.[2]

Kanaria can exploit the fact that some molds, spores and other microbes create a slime to protect themselves from drying out or exposure to oxygen, applying her power to soles of her shoes or the surface below her and choosing which microbes to leave alive, in order to slide along the ground or a wall as though she were skating.[4] She was also capable of using a web of harmless slim mold to tangle a speeding opponent so they would not sustain major injuries on crashing.[4]

Her physical abilities are hampered by what others have referred to as her "super slow-motion curse".[2][8][5][4]



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