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Yugure Tsumebakei (夕暮爪羽鶏ゆうぐれつめばけい Yūgure Tsumebakei?) is a 6th grade student in Academy City and the younger sister of Tokiwadai's Yugure Kanaria.[1]


Tsumebakei is the Japanese word for the hoatzin, a species of tropical bird from South America.


Tsumebakei has shoulder length flaxen hair, similar to her sister. For the Tokiwadai entrance exam, she wore a suit.[2]


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Tsumebakei does not like her power, in part because she does not like needles and needs to extract some of her blood to use it.[1]



Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (light novel)

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On the day of Tsumebakei's entrance exams for Tokiwadai Middle School, Kanaria was meant to met up with her in School Garden but called her to say she was searching for something, which she couldn't let someone find out she was searching for, promising to meet up when she was done.[1] However, she ended up going missing after discovering a secret underground.[3][4] Repeatedly calling for her sister, Tsumebakei was noticed and approached by Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari of Judgment, along with Misaka Mikoto (one of her sister's classmates) and Saten Ruiko).[2] After explaining the circumstances surrounding herself, her sister and her disappearance at Judgment's Branch 3 office in Tokiwadai,[1] a worried Tsumebakei went for her exams while the group searched for her sister.[5]

Tsumebakei took her exam interview while still worrying about her sister, being unable to fully focus and delivering her answers somewhat robotically. Akazame allowed her to take a break, assuring her that it would not affect the outcome of her evaluation. During this break, she was approached by Shokuhou Misaki, who posed as a friend of Kanaria and tried to help her. While she was partially successful, Shokuhou slipped up at the end and was forced to use her ability. Shokuhou ordered Hokaze Junko to take her of Tsumebakei,[6] just as the plot Kanari had discovered was put into operation and School Garden lifted into the skies.[3][7]

Later in the day, while her clique were helping to cover her actions from Resanerié Sadis Dialine and her ruling retinue, Shokuhou brought a programmed Tsumebakei through the streets to the food truck that Kuroko, Uiharu, Saten and Kanaria were using as a hideout. Being released from Mental Out on arrival, Tsumebakei was reunited with her sister, with both expressing delight in their own way before Kanaria divulged what she had discovered about Resanerié's plot and its flaws.[4]

When Resanerié's servants came to stop Uiharu as she attempted to access the intranet and publicly reveal what Kanaria had discovered, just after her sister had stopped Renka Ephilty, Tsumebakei saw Sanki Ai lurking and unleashed her ability against her, angry at the people who had been mean to her sister.[8]

After the incident was resolved, despite what had happened, Tsumebakei still intended to take her entrance exam and enrol at Tokiwadai.[9]


Tsumebakei's ability is Level 4 Macro Dying (血中肥大マクロダイイング Ketchū Hidai (Makuro Daiingu)?). An extremely rare ability, even more than teleportation, it allows her to increase the size of and control the components of her blood (with thousand of cells in a single drop), including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, plasma, macrophages, cholesterol, amino acids etc.[1] For example, she can have a white blood cell, which would then swallow and digest an attacker nearly instantly, grow to 2 meters across. She needs to shed or extract some of her blood each time she uses her power.[1][8]