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Yuzuriha Ringo (杠林檎 Yuzuriha Ringo?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter.[3]


Ringo has dark shoulder-length hair and wears a camisole.[3]


From her initial appearance, Yuzuriha seems to possess a very cold, melancholic and quiet disposition as seen where she nonchalantly ignored a group of delinquent thugs threatening her and attempting to kidnap and sell her to a research facility and when Kakine Teitoku bursted in and brutalized the thugs, Yuzuriha again did not display any strong emotion to his brutality and instead agreed to come with him without question despite the obvious suspicious circumstances surrounding the situation. Yuzuriha nonchalant and seemingly emotionally dead disposition even extends to situations where her life is threatened as seen when she didn't bat an eye when Kakine attempted to strangle her while transporting her and instead fell asleep mid sentence while speaking to him.

And due to being implanted with Accelerator's thought patterns, Yuzuriha has displayed certain aspects and personality traits of the Number 1 Esper, as seen where she violently attacked the DA agents who attempted to capture her, where when they vocally expressed their enthusiasm to their "Justice" and the so-called "Righteousness" of their mission, Ringo expressed the same psychotic grin and took up the same mocking tone and persona of Accelerator while mocking them for their hypocrisy, and violently attacking them on impulse due to this dislike while mocking them.[3] Likewise, she adopts the same persona when facing Kuroyoru Umidori.[2]

Later, it was revealed that the Dark May Project in truth implants the specific thoughts and feelings of Accelerator into its test subjects to see how it effects their ability development and Yuzuriha was in fact implanted with the 1st Ranked Esper's sense of "Attachment" into her, thus explaining her volatile disposition when the notion of "Justice" is brought up due to Accelerator's "attachment" to it.[4]


Not much known about her, though she is one of the survivors of Dark May Project.[3]

However it is known that she was acquainted with at least one other test subject of the experiment,Kuroyoru Umidori.


Toaru Kagaku no Dark MatterEdit

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Kakine Teitoku comes to rescue her from the location she was being held.[3]


Her Esper power is Telekinesis. Her files indicate that it is around Level 1 or 2,[2] but the Dark May Project made it so that, under high stress, her power grows stronger,[2] to the point of being powerful enough to create craters,[3], shake buildings,[4] and change the direction of soundwaves and weaponize them, something akin to Vector Control.[2]

It was later revealed by Kihara Souji that specific specialized sound frequencies can have an adverse side effect on Ringo's brain and put immense stress on it by her hearing them, thereby causing her powers to run wild and destroy everything around her in random.[4]

Upon her brain being further modified and "tuned up" by Kihara Souji and the modifications done to her in the Dark May Project fully brought out by his hand, Ringo's Esper ability was seen to have been fully brought out to its maximum level of power, as seen where she could now perform several of Accelerator's signature abilities and power to fight on an almost even level with the #2 Level 5.[1]

During her battle against Kakine, Ringo showcased the ability to manipulate the vectors around her body using her telekinesis, successfully mimicking the #1 Level 5's Vector Control to a certain degree. As seen where she successfully managed accelerate her body and achieve inhuman speed as she moved. And by altering the vectors of force applied to her feet and the palms of her hands, she successfully created several craters as she walked and literally destroyed entire structures by simply tapping them with her hands. The ability to telekinetically redirect & deflect the direction of Kakine's Dark Matter attacks to protect herself akin to Accelerator's Redirection and the ability to lift, control and fling several steel beams,debris and metal pipes at her target and seemingly accelerate their motion speed as they flew to their target, increasing their deadliness as projectiles akin to Accelerator's Tactical Telekinesis.[1]

However the obvious difference to her power and Accelerator's is the fact that she cannot completely copy the finesse and skill Accelerator's has when using his power. As seen where Ringo's own version of accelerating her body literally causes her body to tear itself apart due to the severe amount G's her body is put through as she accelerates herself. Something that would never happen with the real #1 Level 5.[1]



Dark May Project

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