Zassou Academy (雑草 学園 Zassō Gakuen?) is a school that was established by the videogame company Weed (famous for the Gekisho series of games), as to prepare it's students in becoming videogame makers and to be eventually hired into the company. It is located somewhere in District 10 of Academy City.[1]


The kanji for zassou is 雑草 (Zassō?), which literally means weed, which refers to the game company, Weed.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Poltergeist ArcEdit

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The academy is only referred to by Uiharu Kazari in episode 17 of the anime adaptation; where Tessou Tsuzuri discovers that Kounoe Haruki, a boy she is familiar with, has transferred from Sakugawa Middle School to Zassou Academy. Kazari later says that the school was founded by Weed for the express purpose of developing videogame makers; with Weed being the creator of her favorite game series, Gekisho. This delights her somewhat, as she and Haruki had a conversation the other day, about her wanting to have a sequel to Gekisho 9.[1]

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